Bosnia and Herzegovina plagued by rampant corruption

Some reports show that Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the most corrupted countries in Europe.

State leaders, health care, public procurement, unemployment according to some surveys are the most corrupt segments of the Bosnian society. According to these estimates, one in every three citizens at some point faces corruption. 

Reports also shows that Bosnia and Herzegovina loses more than 400 million KM every year because of the rampant corruption.

An anti-Corruption forum that took place in June showed that Bosnia and Herzegovina is still far behind in the combat against corruption.
Expert says this is mainly due to the lack of political will and effective anti-corruption laws, regulations and rules. The EU is concerned about the level of corruption in BiH.

Although Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken some steps to fight corruption, including creating specific bodies dedicated to countering corruption and adopting anti-corruption strategies, people here say corruption and high unemployment are still the major concerns.

There are some topics that you can discuss and talk about for hours. Corruption is one of them. Experts say as long as everybody keeps quite about corruption in their surroundings, there will not be any progress regarding this issue. They say every citizen has duty to report corruption and bribery. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t concern them.

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