Remembering Lieutenant Anthony Jovic, 20 Years After the 9/11 Attacks

September 9, 2021 – On the 20th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, we remember the lives lost that fateful day, including that of Lieutenant Anthony Jovic, the son of Croatian immigrants, More...

By Desk On Ponedjeljak, 13 rujna, 2021
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POPE FRANCIS DISSATISFIED: It is a shame that RTV Herzeg-Bosnia has more live broadcasts of Holy Mass than us…

Pope Francis had a series of criticisms of the Vatican RTV program at a regular Saturday coffee with the media in that neighboring peninsula. Advertising is too much, too many shows that do not penetrate the spiritual More...

By Desk On Petak, 3 rujna, 2021
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TURCI NAPADAJU KRŠĆANE: As Afghanistan crumbles, Turkey’s airstrikes set up the next disaster

While the United States and the rest of the world were focused on Afghanistan, Turkey carried out airstrikes that hit genocide survivors in Iraq and members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)  — allies who More...

By Desk On Srijeda, 1 rujna, 2021

This disgraceful mocking of the Holocaust needs to stop now

HE MASSIVE cemetery-like Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. In this era of hyper-antisemitism and a world of increasing hatred of all things Jewish, it’s high time that everyone stopped collaborating with malign More...

By Desk On Nedjelja, 15 kolovoza, 2021

UNEXPECTED RUSSIAN PLAYERS? Novalic (SDA) and Dzindic (SBB) deceived Americans and now “mine” gas pipeline with Croatia

The Supervisory Board demolished the report on the work of BH-Gas and stopped the capital project. The federal authorities have promised USAID, which funded the feasibility study, that it will speed up procedures More...

By Desk On Četvrtak, 5 kolovoza, 2021

Bosnian Serbs reject imposed ban on genocide denial

Milorad Dodik, Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, reiterated his stance that ‘there was no genocide’ in Srebrenica [File: Dado Ruvic/Reuters] Republika Srpska parliament passes a law More...

By Desk On Subota, 31 srpnja, 2021

Bosnia’s outgoing international overseer urges new approach

‘The situation on the ground [in Bosnia and Herzegovina] is not improving,’ Valentin Inzko said during an interview with the Associated Press, in the capital Sarajevo, Bosnia [AP] Hands-off approach More...

By Desk On Utorak, 27 srpnja, 2021

Scenes from hell: 1995 Srebrenica genocide in photos

SREBRENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — It’s been 25 years since the slaughter of men and boys in the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, but every year more bodies are found and reburied, and every year the survivors More...

By Desk On Petak, 23 srpnja, 2021

Where would you find the most hijabi-wearing people in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The highest concentration I’ve seen was in Kravice waterfalls, Ljubuski municipality. However, these were foreign tourists from Arab states. There were probably 1500 women there in total (including More...

By Desk On Utorak, 22 lipnja, 2021

Playground Shelled, Eight BH-Croat Children Killed in Vitez, and No One Prosecuted

Velimir and Augustina Grebenar. They were brother and sister. Augustina is the youngest victim of 8 young Croats, killed on a children’s playground by a Bosniak Army grenade. SDA – Alija Izetbegović’s More...

By Desk On Četvrtak, 10 lipnja, 2021