HIS JIHADISTS HAVE KILLED THEM: Dzaferovic will not think of insulting American victims from 9/11 2001.

What connects the Croats of Bugojno, Travnik, Grabovica, the Serbs of Ozren, and the American citizens who died on 9/11? They are connected by familiar names and the origins of their killers. They were all killed by KSM soldiers. It is an acronym for the person who was the mastermind of Operation 9/11, which received BH papers in BiH in November 1995. The More...

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SOMEONE VERY RICH PAYS CENSORSHIP IN CROATIA: Why doesn’t the RTL post about the attackers on the WTC say anything about their connections with the Izetbegović family?

“Faces of Evil: These are suicide bombers who have irreversibly changed the course of American and world history,” reads an auxiliary headline on RTL.hr that provides an overview of all those involved More...

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ČAVARA: The State Department has sided with those in charge of my murder

The President of the Federation of BiH, Marinko Čavara, spoke about the sanctions imposed by the Ministry of Finance of the United States of America, reports the Croatian Media Service. On Monday, June 6, 2022, More...

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“We need foreign policy successes”: Why Biden announced support for the rapid entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

U.S. President Joe Biden “expressed strong support” for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s efforts to facilitate a speedy process for Sweden and Finland to join the alliance, the White House More...

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Ukraine announces deaths of EU, Australian foreign fighters

International Legion of Defense of Ukraine thanks French, German, Dutch and Australian volunteers lost in combat. Ukraine on Saturday announced the deaths of four foreign military volunteers who joined the fight More...

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MURPHY’S IMPERATIVE: Will the pressure of the US Ambassador force the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to finally arrest the architect of the Genocide in Grabovica?

  “On behalf of the American people, I pay tribute to the 33 Croatian civilian victims of the Grabovica massacre,” “Accept and acknowledge the facts, teach the truth to future generations, More...

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What’s the purpose for Bosnia remaining a single entity? Bosnia and RS certainly can’t go along with each other long term. What prevents them from peacefully splitting up?

The purpose was primarily to stop the bloodshed of the Bosnian War, the two entity as one system was developed in Dayton, Ohio and it was a compromise between all three ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia More...

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PERSPECTIVE: How Men and Women Were Drawn to the Hyper-Gendered ISIS Caliphate

An Albanian jihadist with his family in a 2015 ISIS video. (Al-Hayat Media Center) At the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism [ICSVE], we have explored the implications of repatriating More...

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5 Reasons the Winged Hussars Are Among the Greatest Fighters of All Time

Everyone always remembers the sheer badassery and battle prowess of the vikings, the samurai and the Roman legionnaires — but the Winged Hussars of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth rarely find a way into the More...

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PRESIDENT MILANOVIĆ: If We Forget Sacrifice of Croats from BiH, We are Doomed

ZAGREB, 21 May, 2022 – President Zoran Milanović reiterated on Friday that Croatia has to block Sweden and Finland’s NATO accession until Bosnia and Herzegovina Croats attain equality, pointing out More...