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Noam Chomsky died in Bosnia. He was killed by the “Bosnian” spring….

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In the midst of the “Bosnian” mini spring that lasted five days, started suddenly, pompously, and with the support of the entire world’s media, only to disappear overnight, in the same manner as it had started, controlled, some relevant names from the region signed on to support for the “class revolution.” This news was reported by the media in the region as “the World’s intellectuals gave support to the revolution.” Although it may be considered an insult that among these world’s intellectuals there is no such bastion of intellectual thought as Ante Tomić, or the great Miljenko Krleža Jergović (these are current Croat philosophers), but some local names were found. For example: Mate Kapović and Srećko Horvat. Just how Kapovic made his way among the intellectual children of the world, it isn’t clear. However, Kapovic’s ranting, and completely non-scientific and non-analytical approach to this entire issue has exposed him as completely amateur and imbued intellectual, in a deeply divided American colony, which manifests itself on paper as two federal entities, but in reality are three ethnic fears of each other. His linguistic contribution to the narrative of the “Bosnian revolution, in which he claimed that the revolution is taking place throughout the “Bosnian” country, is limited to his claims that he calls Bosnia and Herzegovina only Bosnia, as according to him, this is the correct term in Croatian language. This has brought into questioning his authority as an excellent linguist, which is admittedly strong.


Nikola Zirdum l

Srećko Horvat, on the other hand, is known as a major recycler of other people’s thoughts, which he compiles fantastically and later publishes as his own. However, Horvat, at least so far has always been suspicious towards revolution. Although he stands wholeheartedly with the socialists, the left and the progressives, Horvat for example was never indoctrinated by the mass media in his analysis of the Arab revolutions. Moreover he interpreted to the Croatian public very closely what was published by many, about the U.S. role in the Arab Spring, he clarified the interests of world powers to manipulate the hungry masses and meticulously drew for the citizens a real glimpse of what is going on down there in Maghreb over HRT (Croatian radio television). Horvat there proved to be an excellent connoisseur. The man likes to keep track of the foreign media for hours, read many books, and come out with the real truth of who is who in Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Libya before anyone else. But “Bosnia “? This distant, million light years away, mystical Bosnia seems to not be an interesting reading material to study. Although in my opinion, it is far more interesting material than many of today’s global crisis flashpoints that apparently attract Horvat’s attention better. Obviously not fancy enough for a subversive living on Peugeot’s sponsor card.

Since Horvat is a Croatian bad copy of Noam Chomsky, we will leave him at this, since he is not the important to the story.

Noam Chomsky is a world- renowned mage of deconstruction of the artificial American democracy. In the Balkans today, whoever has read any of his works should ask what happened to Noam? Namely, if he did sign a carte-blanche in which he gives unconditional support to the “class revolution” in a country which is permeated by U.S. Intelligence, in which the US controls the government and media virtually via the OHR (Office of High Representative, the so-called “lord” of Bosnia, appointed by the international community), pro-American NGO sector and political parties in Sarajevo, what can be told of his books where he taught us the exact opposite for all these years?

Isn’t “Bosnian Spring” pretty much a practical proof of Noam’s pocket guide “Media System and Propaganda”?

Social rebellion, which, as they say today, was self-started in Tuzla, started (by coincidence or not) at the same day as the opening of the case of Naser Orić (in the Hague), a case emotionally far more difficult for Muslims than the Gotovina (Croatian general who was accused of war crimes in the Hague) case for Croats. On that same day, the EU also adopted a resolution in which it criticised the centralized civic nationalism of the leading Bosniak parties for the first time. The implementation of this resolution is not only, finally, the light at the end of the tunnel for the discriminated Croats in Bosnia, but it is also the final collapse of U.S. policy in BiH, or at least the weakening of its influence. What happened was that interests coalesced simultaneously, the interests of Bosniak unitarian parties in creating chaos as a means to distract attention from the real issue, and the interests of the American administration, which obviously does not seem to want to leave still. That sublimation of the interests of one strong world power and the strongest and most sophisticated nationalism in this country, turned the state upside down overnight. A myth was created by the media, which was adopted not just by the proleteriat “lumpeninteligencija” in the region, but unfortunately, Noam himself.

On the same day, in the Bosniak cantons, which are called multiethnic by ideologues of the unitary-civic minded political elites, although today they are still more ethnically homogeneous than infamous fascistic of the former HercegBosna (in Bihac, Tuzla, Zenica and Sarajevo, for example, there are only 5 % of Croats and a decorative number of Serbs) an excellent anti-bureaucratic “burek” (sort of a meat pie, traditional meal in Bosnia) revolution was created. If you read Chomsky and his views on controlled revolutions, the media are an essential factor. What is happening is precisely what Chomsky said a long time ago, when explaining how modern American capital creates, controls and extinguishes revolutions in their colonies, in order to achieve this or that goal or meet the goal of strategic partners.

Media in BiH that are cohorts with the centralistic powers, as well as those in the region that are controlled by the western capital, primarily private TV companies or portals (online news/opinion pages, akin huffington post but for western Balkans) owned by the Western liberal capitalist capital, promptly repeat the claims of the centralistic media in Sarajevo. In these media, which, according to the federal constitution should be representative (which means it should be Croatian as well), no word of opposition can be found. Overnight, the mass propaganda of which Noam writes is created. The propaganda that drives the masses.

Chomsky in his later works often mentions the exploitation of scattered groups of Socialists and NGO associations under U.S. control for capitalist purposes and their sudden push in the media under the control of Western capital. Political big shots suddenly disappear from the screen, dissatisfied workers become the main characters, and reality is not interpreted by yesterday’s analysts, but by NGOs and neighboring socialists like Mate Kapović (above mentioned so-called philosopher), an expert for interpretation of class struggle brought by the Al Jazeera, a station controlled by not-so- small capital. In this case, one of the world’s largest capitals – the Saudi capital. This TV company is governed by Goran Milić, a Croat, who is very familiar with the parallels between the Serbian yogurt revolution led by Milošević and the one that is being orchestrated in Bosnia. But Goran is still just a man who lives from his paycheck, and although he probably has a benevolent soul he must do what capital requires him to do. To raise a revolution. If you would ask Kapović today how he would feel if he realized one day that he was used as a socialist, exploited for the liberal ideology of the same capital he fights against, he would look at you confused. Moreover, for months to come, he will write the analysis of what went wrong and why the “Bosnian class struggle” fell.

Who talks about Naser Orić today or about Bosnians as not the people with an absolute belt of chastity? Even in Srebrenica, where they experienced genocide?
Where did the story about the EU Parliament’s resolution got stuck, along with Europe’s views that they won’t support a centralized country, or that the “ethnic” issues are not something that the EU will NOT deal with, nor does it consider these issues irrelevant.

That’s not talked about. Direct product of the Bosnian hybrid revolution is a completely new, imposed and produced context, into which the BiH reality has been forcibly thrown into, badly acted and directed by outside.

Centralist forces no longer have to explain to the Bosniaks how it was possible to break the core of Bosniak national idea overnight. That job is done.

American influence was strengthened overnight. Europe was humiliated. The job was therefore well done.

All around the world, class unity is boasted about, and the western public has been bombarded by the story of how the “ethnic” was overcome overnight in Bosnia, so why would they now concern themselves with issues of federalization or ethnic questions in the EU Parliament, when the people have finally “regained sight”. The job was performed fantastically.

Because every protester, who was beforehand proclaimed a-national citizen of BiH, is facing a clear political attitude. If you are pro Third (“Third” is the third entity, which the author advocates for as a needed federal unit to be composed of mostly Croats) or pro Srpska (those in favor of the Republika Srpska, one of the entities of Bosnia, created at Dayton, and mostly composed of Serbs), only if you were seen at the protests, it means you are a Bosnian and that the “national” (or ethnic) is irrelevant to you. This is nothing other than a fully pointless imputation. For example, at the protest in Mostar, while it was still peaceful, there were quite a few advocates of federalization of BiH, they were seen standing in support of a social protest.

Their political and national identity is absolutely not in conflict with their social awareness. This is something that in BiH has been artificially placed as confrontational, thus imposing an ideological division.

You can either be socially sensitive and therefore non-national and civically oriented and progressive, or you’re nationally aware and therefore a fascist and backward. This is another imported and imposed political discourse that is counter-productive.

Likewise, a similar political imputation was loaded to Bosniaks. Who had the right to conclude that for the protesters in Tuzla and Sarajevo, the national, the ethnic and the Bosniak, ceased to be relevant overnight? Is the fact that a man was burning a government building in Tuzla perhaps proof that the Bosniak identity was no longer essential to him, that he no longer subscribed to the doctrine of Alija Izetbegovic, the Islamic teachings and the dream of the national state of Bosniaks? Could that be a guarantee that tomorrow the same Bosniak would support equality of Croats in BiH, would refrain from outvoting the minority, and promote stabilization of BiH through its federalization? Or will he vote again for discrimination?

Standard of living of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the “Bosnian” mini spring is unchanged and as miserable today as it was yesterday.

Instead of the further development of the revolution and the making of concrete demands by those who were made relevant in Bosnia by the revolution, as some kind of vultures on the “revolutionary” ruin, these “plenums” (townhall meetings for people to air their concerns and make organized demands on the government) spread throughout the country, clubs that think they’re important, and that the sequence of events that did not happen put them in power.

The whole thing takes that nice, snobbish, western flair. Baby plenums, direct kiddy democracy, little working class, little Nikes, little Adidas, Zara’s little sweaters, Piercings with Che tattoos and Palestinian little scarves, want to be important, because it’s very important to be a part of it, and you are a part of history. Immediately!

They come out with reports that, until recently, the frightened elites absolutely ignored all the while being applauded by the American colonist in the country. They being the ones who consider an attack on the U.S. embassy an act of terrorism, but not the attack on the Presidency of our country. The one who is once again pleased with the work that is done and is the only one to profit, having sat in the offices of the party which had the most influence on the crisis and which gave new fuel to the whole story. It’s not even necessary to specify who that is.

The result of the mini revolution is not the class transformation, the elite is where it used to be, louder than before. No one important at the head of a party, or the state, has been removed, because they are the collaborators who are still useful for the Controllers.

Instead, the media phonies of socialism and face lifters of the Western democracy, like Florian Bieber, a little less left-leaning, Austrian version of Mate Kapović, who knows BiH reality as bad as Kapović; then U.S. diplomats and their imputed NGO sector speak of the need for a new U.S. intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its obligation to take the initiative again in BiH, after the EU showed “confusion” here and had influence on bad developments. (Invocation of the United States in Bosnia and Herzegovina in practice means invocation of Turkey, but about it in another time).

America, exactly, as Chomsky describes beautifully in his books, re-invites itself, the great peacemaker, to intervene in Bosnia. In doing so, charge of the affairs of the U.S. Embassy in BiH, Nicholas M. Hill, writes a blog in which he insults the intelligence of all citizens of BiH and shows elementary ignorance of the situation, as well as his predecessor Moon. A class fight is not what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In practice what happened in BIH only proved the theories of Noam Chomsky, so beautifully, so plastic and precisely as Chomsky has predicted a long time ago.

At the same time, the same Noam Chomsky, a world-famous scholar, undermines himself by signing support to something that was initially shown to be false, imported and controlled – the “Bosnian Spring,” denying everything he was making us believe for years, clearly saying that he no longer believes in what he used to write.

Since my comrade Bačanović and other theorists of the new socialism, which I respect, as well as their noble ideals, but I can’t appreciate their naivety, will attack me immediately, just a few facts which prove it:


  • Private media in BiH, which are controlled by liberal capitalism supported the “revolution”
  •  State media typically counter revolution because they protect the privileged elite – State media in BiH is overseen by Western liberal capitalism – have supported the “revolution”
  • The revolution in BiH is different from the “natural” class riots on the targeted objects – no attacks on banks, no attacks on foreign colonialist embassies, not a single attack on the OHR. The scale of the attacks on higher levels of government in relation to the lower ones is huge. Instead of shooting in the head, protesters were shooting a targeted level of government.
  • • Peaceful protests which were held outside the dominantly Bosniak cantons (Bijeljina, Livno) were conducted by the NGOs that were established just a year ago, and which are a part of the overall network with headquarters in Sarajevo. This NGO sector is funded by – who do you think?
  • Mostar protests were imported and artificial. The best evidence to this are the hidden faces of the arsonists. While in other parts of the FBiH you could clearly see the faces of the hungry working class, in Mostar that was not the case. You could see the faces of peaceful protesters who fell for the media propaganda of the “united classes” and about 20 masked arsonists. There is no working class which throws a Molotov cocktail at the building of the cantonal government, there is no attack on the federal government, which is not what you could call a favorite in Mostar, but the most vocal protesters are the members of parties which disappear in Mostar very soon. Those that are sold to the Bosniak centralism.
  • At the same time as the protests, there is an ongoing appeal to solidarity with workers of guess who – a hybrid American capitalist little party of living slave owners, Lijanović (a millionaire businessman, and a federal minister, Croat, who is being investigated for corruption), who still repeat, like parrots, the attitude of the U.S. Embassy that the cantons should be abolished. Of course, no one is burning his buildings, although the media claims that workers are angry across the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is logical to expect that people in Herzegovina would hit the most hated capitalists and politician in their region. But Lijanović is a regular guest on American breakfasts. A protected species that “lumpenNVO” will not impact. It is beyond absurd, that Lijanović allegedly empathizes with the workers pain, a man who is a paradigm of corruption and a symbol of oppression of workers in BIH. All the while his statements are reported by the pro-American agencies in the country. Once more, Chomsky’s theory happens in practice. Apart from all of the above, he describes in detail the formation of new parties as collaborators of the Colonizer, through which the Western capital enslaves and strengthens the process of debt and puts the country in a position of a financial zombie.
  • •The true workers’ revolution as a rule are deprived of ideology, politics or political slogans – Social uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina took on political slogans the first day. Regardless of their denial by the plenums, graffiti and hiding, fine printed slogans that protesters carried the first day amounted to clear political views, the idea of one nation, one language, and one struggle tried to be conveyed across the country.

And this story stops at those boundaries, which the same mass propaganda claims are nonexistent in BiH. It stops at ethnic borders in BiH. At the borders where three fears of BiH meet.
Noam Chomsky died in “Bosnia”. He committed an intellectual suicide. Srećko Horvat was slightly wounded, while not even a landmine couldn’t hurt Mate Kapović. He would even interpret Allah Uegber cries during the revolution as a new style of Bosnian lumpenproletariat which wants to reconcile the religious and the social.

Perhaps one day, the young Bosnian emerging nation will call Chomsky a martyr, I do not know, but one thing is certain, his writing definitely outlived him. Finally, to add insult to injury, for the illusionist of the Bosniak class happiness and a unitary “Rahatluk” (Turkish delight) for those who persistently ignore the grim reality of BiH and seek solutions in palliative experiments, another nice quote of our comrade Noam: “The ability to ignore unwanted facts is one of the exclusive rights of unquestioned power, as is the right to a radical revision of history.”


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