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Schmidt’s kneeling before “Komšić” is Milorad Dodik’s victory

Christian Schmidt withdrew in the face of an organized riot by parties based in Sarajevo.

He confirmed that Dodik’s idea of a “German tourist” who will fulfill the wishes of Bosniak unitarians is close to the truth.

This week’s protests in front of the OHR had all the elements of a siege with an organized media chase based in Sarajevo.

Everything was followed by the activity of Bosniak lobbyists (surprisingly thin, by the way, because it is a group of common manipulators personally connected to Bosniak political actors).

With this kind of submissive behavior, Schmidt caused irreparable damage to the institution of the OHR.

His interview from today, in which he says that he gives up the 3 percent census, without trying to explain what is problematic about it, further confirms that Schmidt has permanently adopted the fear of Political Sarajevo and that he needs help in order to recover from it as a person. After all, how can we hope that Mr. Schmidt will uphold the primary purpose of his role and preserve the basis Dayton peace agreement, which has been altered by his predecessors beyond recognition?

However, continuing cooperation with Christian Schmidt as High RepresentativeCould be a potentially autodestructive move for Croats.

Even if there is a possibility that some OHR decisions could be more favorable to the Croats than the current situation, that possibility is not worth filling the hole that Bosniak politicians have dug under Schmidt.

The Croats cannot fill the moral and professional chasm into which Schmidt willingly jumped because he will be permanently aware that this hole exists.

That means Schmidt will lean toward Bosniak politics in all future decisions.

If the price of such behavior is the formation of a government without Croatian representatives, the continuation of chauvinistic outbursts in Sarajevo, and verbal violence, again, that price is not high.

Croats survived both Inzko’s creation of the Platform government and Petrich’s devastation of the FBIH Constitution. Croats will also survive the grotesque attempt to manipulate the House of Peoples, which is being planned in Komšić’s office, while the frightened Schmidt does not dare to prevent it.

It is historically significant for the Croats that Schmidt should no longer be accepted as a high representative.

A person who can be intimidated by a handful of outspoken Bosniak lobbyists and a few thousand organized protesters is not someone in whose hands the fate of half a million Croats can be placed. Neither Čović nor Plenković have the right to take that risk.

Schmidt’s retreat in the face of the chase confirmed several things for us permanently.

First, Schmidt has no authority in the OHR and has not taken over the management of this extremely dangerous institution since his arrival.

The leaking of the contents of the prepared “Decision” to a portal closely linked to the Bosniak para-intelligence community shows that Schmidt does not manage the processes in the White House on Vrbanja, where a group of long-term OHR employees with permanent ties to Schmidt’s intimidators still has a strong influence.

The second thing, perhaps more important than the first, is the unprecedented personal insult to Schmidt.

Sarajevo’s pseudo-citizen politicians surpassed Milorad Dodik in creativity.

Publishing news about his Nazi past (Avdo Avdić, a personal friend of the top of the Bosniak political scene) and sharing that news on social networks, calling him a sneaky bastard by Azra Zornić (a member of the appellant team whose appeals were written in the offices of the OHR), calling him ignorant by the pseudo-citizen parties, etc.

All these issues show that the Bosniak political elite has no respect for him and that Schmidt is acceptable only as a tool through which goals can be realized.

Schmidt may deny it, but he has already agreed to a submissive position towards the Bosniak political elites and will never be on equal footing with them again.

It should be said honestly.

Both Dodik and Milanović are right.

Schmidt’s appointment is deficient in international law.

He was not appointed following the procedure envisaged by Dayton.

The parties of the Croatian National Assembly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, mainly under the influence of Andrej Plenković, accepted Schmidt as the High Representative, partly because of his historical preference for Western political circles.

After this, they no longer have the right to do so.

They have no right to put the fate of Croats in the hands of a person who agreed to bow down to people who call him a Nazi, who lie in public about the content of the Decision, and work directly against the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Until the dissolution of the OHR office in Sarajevo and the relocation of the OHR outside Sarajevo, further communication with Schmidt is national treason.

What could be the worst-case scenario?

New “Bosniak Platform”?

That is not reason enough to breed a new Inzko and leave the Decision to a man whose tie has already been tightened by a team of chauvinist bullies.

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Hercegovina - Rizvanbegovića Donbas
Hercegovina - Rizvanbegovića Donbas
6 mjeseci prije

This is fake news with false data and switched perspectives of recent occasions in Sarajevo. There was no riot in Sarajevo, but peaceful protests of ordinary citizens against imposement of laws which would cause an empowerment of further ethnic divisions in Bosnia and Hercegovina by strenghtening nationalistic parties who are driving the country into destabilizations. The main problem was the proposed so called 3% ethnic census in the election-laws reform, against which citizens of B&H went out to protest against, for it would cause the exclusion of minorities on wide areas of the country.

Šta ti kažeš na ovo?  Hercegovina - Rizvanbegovića Donbas
6 mjeseci prije

Protest were organized by bosiniack political parties. Main speaker was Mr. Dzaferovic, member of Party of democratic action and famous provider of fake citizenships to foreign fighters in 90ties (many of them were members of Al Kaida). They gathered there to prevent desicion prepared by OHR aimed to implement Constitutional Court decission.

Croat of Herceg-Bosnia
Croat of Herceg-Bosnia
Šta ti kažeš na ovo?  Hercegovina - Rizvanbegovića Donbas
6 mjeseci prije

We Croats are going to start a guerilla war if you foreigners do not bow before our demands. We do not care for EU and do not want a so called democratic state of Bosnia. We also do not want to join this satanistic godless EU. We want to renew our state Herceg-Bosnia – if you do not like it – we will fight you! Our organization HERA will start our partisan operations very soon.

Jesus Christ with us! Deus Vult ✝️🇭🇷✝️

#Breivik will come out soon ✊

Last edited 6 mjeseci prije by Croat of Herceg-Bosnia
6 mjeseci prije

kaže se in front of a ne before

Šta ti kažeš na ovo?  Domestos
3 mjeseci prije

Zapravo je ispravni oblik “kneeling before”!