Published On: Sri, kol 21st, 2019

IZETBEGOVIC’S APPEAL: Let’s not put shackles on four times smaller people, Croats will organize and break us

I hope the SDA is more resilient, that it will not go so rigidly. Because shackling a nation three or four times smaller, blocking them is not a good thing I think, Izetbegovic said, referring to changes to the BiH Election Law.

Bakir Izetbegovic, SDA president, said in an interview with Anadolia that he should agree to amend the Election Law in order to establish the FBIH Government, which is a requirement of Croatian politics.
“Of course we have to agree to that. This is a thing that has been trying to be resolved for 14 years and will not be resolved for the next 14 days, but it must be resolved. I hope that the SDA will be more resilient here, that it will not go so rigidly. Because shackling a nation that is three or four times smaller, blocking it is not a good thing for me. We send a message to the world that we are fascists, that we are never tired, that we want everything or nothing, that we do not suffer coexistence and internationally signed treaties. I think we need to go there to relax relations because international circumstances no longer support us in further expansion into foreign rights. We didn’t need this ‘Komsic case’ as the Croats call it. They now have a strong argument that we are bad. It might not have happened if there had been a different SDA policy, ”says Izetbegovic.
Even after this election, says Izetbegovic, such a policy continues.
“We are pushing Croats to Milorad Dodik despite the fact that we all know what he is doing and how he is behaving. We saw Covic on January 9th in Banja Luka, and we did not see him on July 11th in Srebrenica. Covic is not a nationalist but we did it, we introduced him to the Bosniaks as a monster, which he is not. We made an enemy of our friends with whom we liberated this country. If my father were alive today he would have cried over this SDA policy, Izetbegovic explicitly said.

“We didn’t even see him at the Bajram celebration, and he used to come regularly. That is all about us. If the shackles are put into the hands of the smallest people in BiH, if they are not given the opportunity to vote in the elections, then that people will be organized in such a way that they will surely break these blockages in future cycles, remove them ”. , Izetbegovic said.

The text is the irony of one of the dumbest speeches in the history of the Izetbegovic House, which contains, among other things, elements of hate speech and a direct threat to one of the three BH nations.

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