Published On: Sri, kol 10th, 2016

VELEPOSLANSTVO SAD-A Referendum u Republici Srpskoj krši Ustav BiH!


Priopćenje je na engleskom, ali razumjet ćete. Očekivalo se. SAD ne da, to je protivno ustavu, točnije Aneksu 4.

“As the Office of the High Representative made clear, holding the referendum scheduled for 25 September at which a question is posed to which an answer was already given by the Constitutional Court would be contrary to the BiH constitution,” the U.S. embassy told Oslobodjenje.

We namely wanted to know how envoys of the country that continuously insists on the indivisibility of BIH are reacting to the impending announcement of the referendum on 9 January, despite the Constitutional Court’s decision. The embassy’s press office explained below:

“The Constitutional Court is an integral part of Annex 4 of the Dayton Peace Accord and the court’s decisions are final and binding and must be respected. Respect for the principle of legality from everyone in BiH is of key importance to the democratic process. Without a functional legal framework and the stability it offers, it is impossible to resolve the economic and political challenges the country faces. Holidays and their observance are an important part of every culture. Instead of continuing with the unconstitutional referendum, leaders should work on resolving disagreements in the interest of all citizens. Valuable resources will be spent on the referendum, and in so doing there will be no progresso on the issue. Continuing discussions on a comprehensive state law on holidays is acceptable in the current legal framework and costs nothing, and with goodwill such a discussion can achieve concrete results. It is not in the interest of citizens of RS for their leaders to continue activities on this referendum, nor others who have has their goal the violation of the Dayton Peace Accord or the constitutional order and therefore they represent a threat to the security, stability, and prosperity of BiH.”