Published On: Uto, pro 12th, 2017

THE OTHER FACE OF ŠTEFICA GALIĆ: Silence about friendship with accused war criminal, with lead role in her movie

Among the many analysts who “dissected” HVO crimes, journalist Štefica Galić was especially loud. The topic she wrote about for numerous media in Sarajevo were HVO camps, with particular focus on Dretelj.

In her admonition of the crimes committed in Dretelj, Galić never fails to criminalize Herceg Bosna, HVO and the entire Croat political and military leadership.

At the same time, the media in Sarajevo and Galic do not bring up is a morbid promotion of the manager of the concentration camp Dretelj, accused for rape and war crimes, Miroslav Hrstic!

Namely, Miroslav Hrtic, who is also brother of a former politician and president of HSP, Zdravko Hrstic, was HOS-appointed manager in the Dretelj camp where Serb civilians and military prisoners were held.

According to the indictment, Hrstić was as managing leadership, responsible for everything that occurred in the camp.

Journalist Vuk Bacanovic wrote about the crimes against Serbs in Dretelj.

This man Hrstic was given a platform and audience by Stefica Galic in her documentary, where he promoted his opinion about human rights violations.

As Stefica lives in Ljubuski, and Miroslav Hrstic is a “house friend of the Galics”, there is absolutely no way that she did not know that Hrstic was the manager of the camp in Dretelj.

Victims of the camp in Dretelj are particularly bothered by Stefica Galic gasping at violations of human rights and war crimes, while at the same time she “promotes” the manager of a concentration camp and somebody who was indicted for rape, into someone who protects human rights. Just for information, Miroslav Hrstic fled BiH because of the indictment for war crimes against civilians, something that BIRN wrote extensively about.

There it states that he was indicted for crimes against humanity, rape of prisoners, and intimidation of witnesses. Miroslav Hrstic was part of HOS that at that time recognized the leadership of Alija Izetbegovic, and he fought for a “one Bosnia, but without Serbs in it”, and Bosniaks were considered Croats practicing Islam.

Even though these are publicly known facts, neither Stefica Galic, nor any of her close friends from the magazine “Novosti” ever wrote about the case “Hrstic”.

They extensively wrote about crimes in Dretelj, but never in the context of this camp as a HOS camp where Serbs were imprisoned. What makes the whole thing even stranger, “Novosti” is the paper of the Serb minority in Croatia, and as such it should be exposing, not hiding Serb victimization.

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