Published On: Thu, Mar 17th, 2016

OHR REFUSUES TO RECOGNIZE: Its interventionism keeps stifling the progress of the BiH society

A recently published announcement, sent from the OHR office, opens up old questions. Who indeed has real power and real authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Who controls OHR, what is its purpose and why does it still exist in our country? What if citizens and parties in Mostar would decide their own future? Will OHR then deny their decision? Today, the OHR ordered the “responsible parties” to negotiate only on one question: How to uphold the judgments of the Constitutional Court?

This sentence tells us how insane is the political abyss in BIH. OHR calls parties “responsible,” but at the same time takes away the very same responsibility from them, establishing itself as the main and the only supervisor and authority over all political processes in BIH.

So, tomorrow, when OHR prevents Mostar’s future, when it stops our politicians from deciding and it thus indirectly prevent our right to vote, it will again absolve itself of the responsibility for the situation.

OHR “supports” the negotiations of “responsible parties,” but it at the same time stops these same “responsible” parties from arriving at “wrong” decisions, by constraining them in the processes of expressing their political freedoms and political considerations.

Such behavior actually violates the basic principles of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which protection is one of the key functions of the OHR. Herein lies the basic bad talent of Inzko, the politician; as well as his political and personal malice. Classic abuses of authority for which no one is held responsible.

This refinery of stagnation, the OHR, does not realize that, in the past, it should have allowed political crisis to unfold, in order to generate new solutions. Every time OHR made decisions, it dragged Bosnia and Herzegovina into a renewed inter-ethnic tension. This was true in the age of Petritsch and Ashdown era, just like it is in the present times.

That office has repeatedly refused to recognize that its interventionism keeps stifling the progress of the BiH society. If OHR had not intervened to stop some of the crises, for example during the political crisis prior to the Platform, if it had not been blindly obedient to the civic nationalism of the SDP, this crisis might have produced a solution! Maybe a better election law, and a better Constitution!

The OHR should have limited its role to just keeping the national security of the state, giving the lead to the politicians who created the crisis to find their own solution for it. “What the international community cannot support is the division of Mostar” – says the OHR. OHR does not specify who is actually this “international community” and what is actually being divided?

Who, exactly, precisely, among the entire international community will not support and who will support an agreement on Mostar? Russia? Sweden? UK? Spain? Ireland?

How did the almighty OHR find this power to communicate with the entire international community so swiftly, as they claim they have done?

This politically turbulent “international community”, with different positions on almost every corner of the world, has a unified view only when it comes to the issue of Mostar? Or did the OHR, this small office in a Sarajevo alley, proclaim itself as The Authority superior over the entire international community?

The OHR does not say any word about the fact that City of Mostar is more divided today than ever before. The OHR does not say a word about its role in cementing this state. The OHR and Inzko are always innocent and good.

In his final communiqué of December 2015, a key principle was underlined which was confirmed by the political parties.

Communique said that Mostar must remain a unified, coherent, multi-ethnic unit with local governments within itself, and with certain level of local jurisdiction / administration below the city, ” said OHR in its statement, At the core of this Communique, OHR arrived at a conclusion, and told us which proposals were rejected.

Today, the administration of Mostar is not divided along ethnic lines trough its administrative districts, but it is again divided at the most important place – In the minds of its people!

How is this possible if the OHR crafted a perfect, astonishing and remarkable no-division-Statute?

What this really tells us is that the borders in the minds of the people do not depend on the administrative division. In turn, administrative arrangement one way or another is not a guarantee that the divisions will stop.

The best proof of this is the Federation of BIH itself. What would happen with our ethnic relations in FBiH and BIH, if OHR allowed us to arrange our relations with each other? Would we still continue to hate each other, in the name of the holy “no national logic” principles? OHR presumes a priori, that the decision to rearrange administrative units in the city will lead our society to a new division of Mostar is actually insane. Why? Because of this fact: Correctly arranged Mostar, a city where there is no more chance that Croats could impose their political will over the Bosniacs and impose their rules of life, could finally bring down the OHR introduced divisions, which exist primarily in the minds of the citizens of Mostar.

It is the same for the other correct solution, solution for the level of the FBiH. This solution would prevent a situation where Bosniacs would no be able longer to impose their political interests onto the representatives of the Serbs, Croats, and Others (who in reality are mostly Bosniaks).

Such a solution could lead to relaxation of tensions between the peoples and could strengthen “brotherhood and unity” not just in FBiH but consequently in the whole State of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

But, OHR will not say a word about it. Or maybe they want to, but SDP staff in the OHR does not allow it? Frankly, OHR is the last institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina that should be preaching about divisions and how to remove them to anyone. Its projects have already wounded BiH society, poisoning it even further with hatred.

Today, that sad guy, the opportunistic Inzko, acts as an auxiliary secretary of Nermin Niksic (SDP), the same man who took us backwards ten years with his Platform project.

Another consequence of such behavior is a seriously shaken reputation of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For four years OHR was the protector of the corruption perpetrated by the likes of Lijanovic (NSRZB), the fascism of HSP, he acquiesced to the outvoting of the Croats by the SDP and the demolition of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

The international community still offends us with its presence in our country. Why do they continue to do that?

Do they have no respect for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Even so Inzko still does not even consider resigning and retiring. As a European moral politician would ordinarily do in such circumstances.  Although he knows that he is the most hated person in this country.

Admittedly, he has 25,000 reasons every month to at least believe that he is actually a popular guy here.