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NEW SCANDAL SHAKES THE US EMBASSY IN SARAJEVO: Who is leaking inside information to Bakir Alispahić, a man blacklisted in the USA?

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Is it really possible that the US embassy is cooperating with individuals blacklisted by their own country, marked “absolutely dangerous” with maximum level of un-desirability? It is hard to believe that official representatives in the US embassy would have any dealings with such characters. If that is case, and the official representatives are NOT cooperating, then who is the mole in the embassy leaking confidential diplomatic information to Bakir Alispahić, the infamous first head of AID, who is still today blacklisted in the US?


That is the question that the US embassy will have to tackle in near future. Especially since this is a second informational leak and a diplomatic scandal that has been shaking up this embassy in less than a month.


News agency Patria received, as they claim, from their own sources within the US embassy, exclusive information about the US diplomatic protocol with regard to Ivan Šušnjar. This information, according to their obligations and the diplomatic practice was supposed to be fully confidential. Confidentiality falls into the water when AID is involved. In that case, people from the US black lists, after hacking the embassy, publish what was confidential information, referencing their embassy source.


The whole ordeal would probably not have been so scandalous if the owner of Patria was no one other than Bakir Alispahić, former head of the infamous AID, an individual connected to some of the most complex criminal cases in the war and in the aftermath.

What is really difficult to believe is that the US embassy would respond to any questions posed by Patria, a media outlet owned by the same person who is an absolute persona non grata for the USA. If, on the other hand, that turns out to be true, then someone from the US embassy will have to explain that little detail to their superiors in the State Department.


So, how is it possible that this former head of AID managed to break through the security walls of the US embassy? Who is leaking the information from the inside? Is it possible that the Sarajevo AID is more powerful than the CIA, even in the building of the US embassy?

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The scandal is that much bigger considering that it is diplomatic practice, even in cases of withholding of confirmation, that the state giving out confirmations and diplomatic agreements NOT publicly announce such decision. On the contrary, such things are dealt with away from the eyes of the public, with the utmost diplomatic décor and confidentiality. Especially when it concerns the diplomatic decisions of the recipient states, in this case the US, it is AGAINST diplomatic practice to give statements about it to the local media, and especially not media owned by people on the US black list.

I assume that the current representatives have already explained the scandal surrounding the US embassy employee Zijo Hadžijahić to their superiors in DC, one way or another.

It remains to be seen how the embassy in Sarajevo plans to explain to the State Department that the exclusive and confidential information about Ivan Šušnjar was first received by AID agents, persons blacklisted by the same government.

I guess Patria will let us know how they explained it. They are after all at the heart of the source.

Of course, all this assuming that the information put forward by AID and Alispahić about how they got a hold of official US diplomatic protocol communication is true and it wasn’t planted by the guy blacklisted in the US.



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