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How many countries in the world do you know where a President is elected in a single round?

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Not even the Pope is elected in a single round.

The President is a strong function and usually, candidates are required to garner 50% plus one vote of the total votes cast in repeated rounds of voting to attain the powers associated with it.

However, the constitution of BIH allows individuals theoretically receiving just 1% of the votes to enter the Presidency and wield significant powers. How is this possible?

Look at how many votes certain Bosniak members of the Presidency received. Some of them would have garnered only 15% of the votes of the Bosniak political body, far from the majority will of the Bosniaks, yet they were automatically propelled into the Presidency.

How is this possible?

Didn’t the constitution drafter anticipate that, especially with more populous nations in BIH, there would be a flood of candidates, and that it makes no political or legal sense for someone to represent a nation when they are a relative winner with only 10 or 15% of the votes?

Why didn’t the constitution drafter foresee a runoff election to address this issue?

Because impeachment was built into the constitution. The legitimacy of each “winner” in the first round is subject to scrutiny.

The House of Peoples of FBiH, the national clubs of Croats or Bosniaks, and the National Assembly of RS can impeach their member of the Presidency under the current Constitution. Ask any lawyer, or better yet, ask any engineer who has thoroughly read the Constitution of BIH, and it will be clear what we are talking about.

BIH does not have a law on the impeachment of a member of the Presidency because it is clear that someone superior to that member exists, fully authorized to impeach them at any time. This is because they were not elected in two rounds and have no electoral guarantee of popular legitimacy. Even when apparently winning with a majority, it doesn’t mean they have it. Because it’s possible that a significantly larger number of voters cast their ballots for parliamentary representatives and reject voting for the member of the Presidency.

And that someone, who is authorized to impeach the Croatian member of the Presidency if they were dissatisfied, if they malfunctioned during their term, or if they started wandering around Titova, or if they noticed that the seat of the Croatian member was thrust upon them without the votes of Croats, in the case of the Croatian member, is the Croatian club – the House of Peoples of FBiH, in the case of the Bosniak member, the Bosniak club of the same house, while in the case of the Serbian member, it is the parliament of RS.

Notice the word “people” in the case of the Croatian and Bosniak members. FBiH is an equal consortium of two peoples, and by ignoring this part of the Constitution, the impeachment built into it, Schmidt is directly working against Annex 10 and its implementation. It does not protect the rights of Croatian voters but aids in terror and hegemony over them, which in BIH began with whom?

The average Croat will say Alija. But it’s not. It began with Petritsch, citing a ludicrous decision of the Constitutional Court of BIH which annulled the Constitution of BIH and said that the constituent peoples had negotiated wrongly when they changed the internal structure of BIH and that both the Croatian and Bosniak peoples founded RS and the Federation, and the Serbian one only RS. Which simply isn’t true. Bosniaks and Croats fought against the creation of RS while Serbs fought for it. Serbs fought for the smallest and weakest Federation possible while Croats and Bosniaks fought for the largest one.

We are sorry that Croats still do not understand this, and we are even more sorry that in 1994 they, like geese in the fog, accepted imperatives from Zagreb, turned their backs on their century-old brethren in the servitude of the caliphate, those with whom we rose in rebellion, and alongside former aggressors on Central Bosnia – shoulder to shoulder with Al Qaeda, attacked Serbs.

Therefore, the parliaments are the ones that give the most important power to each of the three members of the presidency. Veto. And they also have the right to take it away. This is a forbidden topic in the Space of Jihad, and even responding to such texts is prohibited. Perhaps authorities in the OHR will not realize how wrong they are and withdraw their amendments to the constitution. They are unconstitutional anyway.

What does this mean? It means that these same parliaments have never taken their power into their own hands and started replacing members of the Presidency whom they considered unworthy representatives of their people. The RS Parliament has never replaced the minority Ivanić, even though it could have. And the Croatian club has never replaced Komšić, even though it could have. Likewise, the Bosniak club has never replaced the minority representative of Bosniaks in the Presidency, even though it was such several times.

By the decision of permanently revoking the right of veto, a certain member of the presidency ceases to be one.

Such a person is automatically declared publicly incapable, deficient, to perform the duties entrusted to them. You cannot swear to protect the national rights of your people if your people have just taken away the right to cooperate with them through their superior parliament.

In developed democracies, such a person would immediately resign, in BIH, they would have to be removed by the Constitutional Court of BIH.

The irony in the whole story, perhaps even tragic, almost oppressive tragedy is that the Croatian club of the House of Peoples has never before voted on a decision, a Declaration, which permanently denies Komšić this presidential authority, or expresses the will of the Croatian people that Komšić does not have the right to a presidential veto.

This fact is actually more shocking than the fact that the same Komšić never even attempted to use his veto. This has created a simulacrum of silence and general political stupidity. So characteristic of young free nations, the former slaves of post-Ottoman countries. Societies that do not understand politics, law, or governance. Societies that believe you are right only as much as you receive compliments from Sattler or Murphy. Societies destined to be colonies.

It is precisely from this tragedy of political backwardness that Bosniak arrogance arises, that almost undisguised fascism reflected in public songs and calls for the renewal of a new class society of beys and peasants. Their sense of superiority does not stem from real quality, which may even exist, but again from the post-Ottoman complex. However good we feel when someone above us gives us compliments, they feel good when, just like modern beys from those same “above”, i.e., foreigners, they demand that they hit the peasants harder and harder, or the “enemies,” a modern euphemism for BH peasants.

In any case, we are waiting for the day when the Serbs will pull this lever in the RS parliament and thus replace the Serbian member of the Presidency that the Bosniaks would impose on them in some future iteration. It is not to be expected that the Croats will vote for such a Declaration. They do not understand politics or processes.

If by some miracle the Croats do it anyway, and adopt a declaration revoking Komšić’s veto, which currently only Božo Ljubić

in the HNS seems to understand, the Constitutional Court of BiH, i.e., the judges employed in it, would be faced with a choice between their own legal reputation or the protection of Muslim hegemony over the people whom the OHR, Austria, and Germany long ago decreed would disappear from BIH. As far back as 1878. And with the same sentence they once told that former bishop of ours from Sarajevo – the venerable chatterbox: Either you assimilate or disappear. The same sentence was told to the friars in 1878. They thus became the first Bosniaks of this world. And only they declared themselves like that all over the globe. Even though today they hide it.

There is truly no chance that if today Cvijanović or yesterday Dodik were informed that a majority in the RS Assembly had deprived her or him of the presidential veto right, the Constitutional Court would not have removed Cvijanović or yesterday Dodik on the same day.

It’s just silent, then, when it’s known for the fourth time that Komšić has no right of veto, the most important presidential authority but still holds the position.

It is silent, however, because Croats in the House of Peoples of FBiH are silent.

They still, of course, do not understand what we are writing about.

But who knows, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe the text of the Declaration would have been written so clumsily that it would have been better if they hadn’t drafted it at all.

So it’s best to ignore this text.

What the hell are we even bothering with here on Poskok anymore.

The people are dealing with concrete matters, plowing the fields, pulling the plows, and the roar of defiance is heard throughout Herzeg-Bosnia, the most glorious and most betrayed land of the Croats, the roar of bulls. And we idiots talk about politics.


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