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ALL OF EUROPE WILL FALL SILENT FOR ASSANGE: A Global Action of Support for the Greatest Champion of Information Freedom in Human History is Being Prepared!

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On the eve of America’s Freedom Day, the media world in Europe is preparing for an unprecedented action—a performance called “Loud Silence.” The goal of this initiative is to break the EU’s policy of vassalage to global powers and free Julian Assange, the man who revealed countless truths to the world. Inspired by Assange’s sacrifice for the freedom of information, journalists from the most widely read newspapers and the most-watched TV stations across Europe announce their support for this global action of censorship and self-extinguishment. Here’s how each media outlet will react:

Germany: Der Spiegel and ARD

**Der Spiegel**, Germany’s leading weekly, will feature a black screen on its cover with a simple message: “There should be news here. Freedom of information is not a crime.” Inside, only blank pages will symbolize the silence imposed when informers like Assange are silenced.

**ARD**, Germany’s largest public television network, will interrupt its regular programming on the day of the action. Instead of news, it will display a blank screen with subtitles explaining why it is important to fight for freedom of information and why Assange’s release is crucial for democracy.

France: Le Monde and France 24

**Le Monde** will have a symbolic illustration of sealed lips with the caption: “Without freedom of information, we are all in the dark.” Inside the newspaper, readers will find articles on the importance of media freedom and Assange’s contribution, but all will be covered with black rectangles symbolizing censorship.

**France 24**, the international news channel, will not broadcast its regular news on the day of the action. Instead, it will broadcast a black screen with occasional text: “Censorship affects us all. Let’s free the truth. Let’s free Assange.”

United Kingdom: The Guardian and BBC

**The Guardian**, known for its role in publishing Wikileaks documents, will publish a special empty cover with a simple question: “What would Julian Assange reveal today?” Inside, only dates and events that remained secret due to a lack of brave informers.

**BBC** will broadcast programs dedicated to Assange and his fight for freedom of information instead of regular news. Documentaries and interview recordings with Assange will be shown, along with occasional notices about the current situation and why his release is crucial for the future of free journalism.

Italy: La Repubblica and RAI

**La Repubblica** will feature a black rectangle on its cover with white text: “Without freedom of information, we are all slaves.” Inside, all news will be blurred, leaving readers only with headlines and a message about the importance of freeing Assange.

**RAI**, the Italian state television, will broadcast a blank screen with occasional text notifications: “Freedom of information is the cornerstone of democracy. Let’s fight for Assange, let’s fight for all of us.”

Spain: El País and RTVE

**El País** will publish a blank cover with the single sentence: “Truth cannot be locked up.” Inside, the newspaper will be filled with articles about Assange’s contribution to freedom of information, but all will be covered with black lines, symbolizing censorship.

**RTVE**, the national television network, will interrupt regular programming and instead broadcast special programs about Assange’s case, including interviews with experts and footage of his most important revelations.

Global Echo

This action will not be limited to Europe alone. Media around the world, including American newspapers and TV stations, have announced their support. **The New York Times**, **The Washington Post**, **CNN**, and many others will join the action, publishing similar messages of solidarity and demanding Assange’s release.

Poskok: A Voice Against Tyranny

**Poskok**, the most important modern European media outlet and the initiator of the entire action, will go a step further. On its cover, it will publish a middle finger in the colors of the American flag with the caption: “Pitiful Europe, your son of freedom is dying before your eyes. Shame on you for making us invent such texts to awaken a grain of critical thought.” This provocative message symbolizes the ultimate determination of the media to fight for justice and freedom of speech.


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