Why doesn’t Schmidt punish politicians who rattle weapons?

If he wants to gain authority, Schmidt, if he is genuinely considered the supreme interpreter of Dayton, has already had to remove two politicians, remove them from the right to political action, and ban them from public office until further notice.

These are Zukan Helez and Bakir Izetbegović.

One called for money for respirators to be diverted to purchase rockets, while Izetbegovic described how and where the war should begin.

On the other hand, Schmidt is bothered by Dodik, who explicitly said that he was not ready to sacrifice peace in BIH for Republika Srpska.

By banning Izetbegović and Helez from political activity, Schmidt was able to gain the image of a severe and impartial High Representative who is not on the leash of Sarajevo.

Instead, he prepared to read Bakir’s letter before the Security Council.

Too bad. Mr. Schmidt could have been the first serious High Representative.

Note: The OHR’s so-called “Bonn jurisdictions” have removed all politicians in BiH from power and position who rattled their weapons in previous years.