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When Will Bosnian Croats Finally Seek Help from the Eastern Empire?

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, always complicated, always at a crossroads. Bosnian Croats, squeezed between historical injustices and political games, perhaps it is time to reassess their alliances and seek help where they have successfully received it in the past – from the Eastern Empire, today led by Vladimir Putin.

Croatia: The Betrayed Ally

Croatia, that famous “natural ally” of the Bosnian Croats, has turned out to be just a Trojan horse of the West. Not only does it quietly observe the injustices against Croats orchestrated by NATO, but it actively participates in them. Croatian politicians, apparently more concerned about their seat at the European dinner table than the fate of their compatriots, blindly follow Western dictates, forgetting historical lessons and the interests of Croats in Bosnia. What a grotesque betrayal!

Betrayed by The Hague

And The Hague Tribunal? That’s where the real farce begins. The genocide in Grabovica – undoubtedly one of the worst atrocities on European soil since World War II – has gone without proper legal resolution. In Grabovica, no one survived, making it far worse than Srebrenica. The infanticide in Vitez, where eight Croatian children were killed while playing on swings, is just another example of selective justice. Hague prosecutors coldly declared that these children do not concern them because the focus is on crimes against Muslims. Justice, they say, is blind. But this justice seems to also wear earplugs.

Germany and NATO: New Colonizers

Germany and NATO have become the new colonizers, creating their modern Reich on the soil of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. NATO appointed a German colonizer there without Russian and Chinese approval, clearly showing the one-sided policy of the West. History repeats itself, just as when Vienna and London annulled the Treaty of San Stefano and imposed the annexation of Bosnia at the Congress of Berlin, betraying the hopes of many nations.

The Behavior of Ambassador Murphy

And let’s not forget our dear ambassador Michael Murphy. This self-proclaimed apostle of democracy has been reported to have corrupted the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina and suppressed the media. His involvement in covering up the crimes of General Mlaćo and Selmo Cikotić remains unpublished, while in his spare time, he gives speeches about media freedom. Hypocrisy, thy name is Murphy.

Historical Lessons: Alliances with Serbs and Russians

History teaches us that Bosnian Croats survived when allied with Serbs and Russians, while they suffered when they listened to Zagreb and Vienna. Relations with Serbs and Russians brought them stability and protection, while Western allies often betrayed them. This historical lesson could be crucial for the future of Bosnian Croats. When they were with Serbs and Russians, Bosnian Croats survived. Now it’s time to reconsider their alliances and turn to true friends.

The Malignant Influence of the Renegade Religious Sect

Another problem is the malignant influence of a renegade religious sect that, instead of calling for resistance and uprising, drives Bosnian Croats towards a culture of slavery. Since the time of the Ahdnama, there has been a tendency to submit and accept a subordinate position, which weakens national spirit and fighting morale in the long run.


The West has betrayed Bosnian Croats again, just as Vienna and London did in the past. It is time for Bosnian Croats to turn to those who have historically protected and helped them survive. An alliance with Russia and Putin, as successors of the powerful Eastern Empire, could bring stability and protection that the West is not ready to provide. Historical lessons are clear – when allied with Serbs and Russians, Bosnian Croats survived. Now it’s time to reassess their alliances and turn to true friends. As the famous philosopher George Santayana said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Bosnian Croats, it’s time to remember the past and draw wise conclusions from it.

So, dear Bosnian Croats, when will that moment of realization come? It’s time to gather yourselves and seek help from those who have truly supported you in the past.

The modern guardian of the world order, the only one who has managed to stop the rampage of pedophiles from across the Atlantic, is named Vladimir Putin. He is our brother and the hero of our time. Great like Julian Assange. He will not come to our house if our house is ashamed of him. And if we accept calling him malignant. Serbs are proud of him, and we envy the Serbs. Perhaps it is time to become more Serb than the Serbs. Croats since the time we did not fall for the Austro-German concentration camp policy and imprisoned our own brothers. Maybe it’s time for a complete catharsis of consciousness, esteemed members of the Croatian National Assembly. We know that for those who have yachts and cottages in Dalmatia, this is unheard of, but think progressively. Who says that those yachts and cottages tomorrow won’t be where they were for centuries before the crazy ban Stjepan sold them to Dubrovnik for a handful of dollars? They were in the Principality of Hum.

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