The Tucker’s Sin

World-renowned conservative American journalist Tucker Carlson, former host of the political show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, held a brief conversation with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Budapest.

Carlson is known for his interviews with prominent leaders and even more so for his sharp analyses and comments that debunk various myths imposed by the ruling oligarchy through the media.

______written by: Ivan Akmadžić l

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” was one of the most-watched political shows with over three million viewers. In his shows, Carlson did not hesitate to criticize the liberal (globalist) American political leadership, as well as the financial and media machinery that feeds that oligarchy. In short, Carlson opposes the rule of a few, censorship in the public sphere, and does not shy away from calling out what is colloquially referred to as the “deep state,” including figures like George Soros and various multimillion-dollar leftist organizations that promote abortion, censorship, and silencing conservative circles, the erosion of traditional values, and the promotion of the LGBTIQ+ agenda in all aspects of society.

Carlson is also known for accusing the liberal and globalist political caste of centralizing power in their hands and neglecting the population. The “minority agenda” – LGBTIQ+, migrants, population replacement, “global south-global north,” censorship of majority viewpoints, and all other globalist themes – takes up more attention from the small oligarchy funded by large capital (which is no longer connected to classical liberal markets or capitalism that conservatives do not fight against!) than the real needs of local and national communities.

Just look around: how much is spoken about topics in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina that were unthinkable just five, ten, twenty years ago – the so-called “rights” and “needs” that stem more from human imagination – while ignoring concrete issues, such as the uncontrolled influx of migrants into Europe (and Croatia!), the issue of declining sense of security (especially in Zagreb), the future of Croatian villages (which have been systematically excluded from the market competition), demographics (globalist concepts are used, not domestic recipes based on conservative values that are no longer mentioned, not even in the “Church in Croatia”), and so on.

That’s everything Tucker Carlson points out in America, which is slowly but surely losing the battle against the globalist oligarchy.

This oligarchy in the media increasingly proclaims that Europeans who do not accept the migrant and LGBTIQ agenda choose Putin and oppose democracy. If the question of human life protection and conservative values is brought up, you are automatically labeled as pro-Putin. And if you dare to point out the fact that the current authorities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Europe are not capable of protecting Christian values but deliberately replacing them with globalist concepts that come from socially decaying America, you are pro-Putin again.

Carlson had a brief conversation with Vučić, and a part of the Croatian conservative scene immediately dismissed Carlson – some even went a step further and (unconsciously?) using the vocabulary of the left-wing liberal oligarchy (e.g., as the New York Times has done multiple times) – described Carlson as pro-Putin (not even “pro-Russian”).

The dreadful Russian aggression on Ukraine is not just a nationalist Russian attack on Ukraine, as may have been the case several times in the past century. Unfortunate Ukrainians are currently caught in the conflict of creating a new international order.

Russia has taken the side of creating a multipolar world, with multiple centers of power, while America does not want to lose global dominance and let go of the globalist order it has led so far.

The stakes in the war in Ukraine are much higher than those in the war in Croatia. In Yugoslavia, the Americans initially took the side of preserving Yugoslavia because they knew it would democratize, open up to the market, and come under the control of the American sphere. It was only when things started changing on the ground that they took the side of Yugoslavia’s dissolution. Actually, they didn’t care what the outcome would be because both Yugoslavia as a whole and all the states would be under their control.

Ukraine is one of the problems that the oligarchy uses for its purposes. Ukraine is an agenda, and Ukrainians are the victims. There are many of these agendas for easier control and suppression of traditional values. And that is Carlson’s sin, just like Orban’s and other people in Europe who have warned about it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Russian aggression is justified.

And a part of the “Croatian conservative scene” accepted the liberal mainstream’s dance and added that sin to Carlson for meeting with Vučić (Carlson is in Budapest for the third time at the invitation of Viktor Orban).

So, Mate Mijić wrote on his Facebook profile about Carlson, “if those who admire Vučić and his ‘unique insights into bombing’ are some kind of alternative, give me Biden and 40 transgenders” (transgender people, ed.).

In this game on the global stage, maybe for the Croats – where the problems of Croatia’s demographic collapse and the increasing influx of foreigners, shattered traditional supply chains causing soaring prices, the silence of the Catholic Church, the growing social and economic disparity between backward Slavonia and rentier Dalmatia, the collapse of the social system, the euro, etc. will only be felt later – a little more prudence might have been needed instead of pointing fingers at Tucker Carlson. Is Biden and transgenderism truly a better solution than the fight and at least delaying the collapse of Western civilization, which Carlson is doing?

Summa summarum, the already defeated Vučić is a marginal problem for the Croatian state with his army, border, and power compared to the global battle that is yet to reach Croatia and Croats. We still need to reap its fruits, and they are slowly coming.

NOTE: Ivan Akmadžić is a new columnist for He will write columns once a month. He will analyze global as well as domestic topics.

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