The hypocritical face of Samantha Power, hypocritical to the point of pain

The U.S. Department of State has condemned the new threats by the Bosnian Serb leader, Milorad Dodik, regarding the secession of Republika Srpska from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Simultaneously, the head of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, warned that Dodik is preparing to take a dangerous undemocratic path.

This means that Dodik is fighting undemocratically against democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where democracy entails:

1. The unconstitutional imposition of the Constitutional Court, acting undemocratically.
2. Dictatorial laws of the OHR (Office of the High Representative) that the local democracy must respect.
3. The U.S. ambassador, acting as the chief prosecutor since 2007, protecting a serial killer and, under Muslim pressure, refraining from attending the opening of a monument to Petar Herceg in Herzegovina, an American marine and national hero, just because it was erected by Croats.

In Samantha Power’s view, an undemocratic person is someone who protects the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina by demanding the following:

1. Aligning the Constitutional Court with the Dayton Agreement.
2. Ceasing the harassment of BH democracy by the OHR, empowered with authority not granted by Dayton.
3. The U.S. ambassador should behave like an ambassador, cease corrupting the judiciary, and, to begin with, testify to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina about how many times he has used the reputation of the United States to obstruct the court’s work.

Upon our inquiry to Samantha Power about where she sees anything undemocratic in Dodik’s actions, as he is legally fighting against the power system through BH institutions, opposing a regime that rules undemocratically in Bosnia and Herzegovina via an illegal High Representative, which the U.S. refused to confirm in the UN Security Council, based on Russia and China’s proposal, we are still awaiting an answer.

The U.S. State Department issued a special statement after Dodik announced last week that he would not respect the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which prohibited entities from disposing of state property until the status of the court is regulated by law, to be adopted by the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If the Constitutional Court continues to insist on this, Dodik said, RS will secede from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The United States rejects the comments made by the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, on March 9, in which he sought to undermine the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and made multiple threats of secession by Republika Srpska from Bosnia and Herzegovina,” says the statement signed by State Department spokesman Ned Price.

Ned Price wants to convey that this Constitutional Court is unimpaired and legal. Let’s remind ourselves that all the chaos in Bosnia and Herzegovina came after a series of decisions by this unconstitutional court, where the Muslim side, with the help of a pro-Muslim trio of foreign judges, outvoted the constituent Serbs and Croats. It is sad that Ilija Cvitanović does not see this.

Let’s look at the first decision of this court that was made by outvoting. Dayton clearly states that Bosnia and Herzegovina continues its existence with altered internal structures. Serbs created RS, making them constituent on RS territory, while Bosniaks and Croats created the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH). At the BIH level, all three nations are constituent, but at the entity level, it is clear who created what. By deciding that Croats and Bosniaks created RS and Serbs created FBiH, the Constitutional Court changes the foundation of Dayton. The key sentence stating that BIH continues to exist with altered internal structures is overridden by outvoting, Muslim supremacy through unconstitutional foreign judges, rendering the entire international law and peace agreement null and void. The fact that this decision was made with a 5 to 4 vote, with three foreign judges among these five, clearly indicates that this is not a state of Serbs, Croats, and Bosniaks but of Bosniaks and Foreign Judges. The constitution of our country cannot be changed by a random trio selected through secret lobbying in the EU.

Dodik’s proposal for these three foreign judges to remain, but to be chosen by the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, NATO regimes, the USA, and the EU rejected, even though it is the fairest solution. Why did they reject it? Because, in that system and with that solution, Muslim-Arab domination over Bosnia and Herzegovina ends, and the USA will no longer have a strong argument with Saudi oil cartels that there are countries where the USA favors Muslim rights over Christian rights.

They remind us that the Dayton Agreement clearly prescribes the obligation to respect the decisions of the Constitutional Court, but they ignore Dayton’s guidance on how these foreign judges should be legally replaced by local judges. This disregard is a clear sign of the bad intentions of the USA toward Christians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They also remind us that separatist rhetoric and threats to the peace agreement are irresponsible, dangerous, and harmful. At the same time, they do not call out their own ambassador for his anti-Dayton corrupt actions and the imposition of Nazi laws under which freedom of thought is a crime if you disagree with the decisions of the Hague Taliban or do not respect the law imposed unconstitutionally by the illegal Schmidt. All this is not called the undermining of Dayton.

So, who is undermining Dayton? The USA or Dodik?

They have stated that the USA will consider those who seek to undermine the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Dayton Agreement responsible and will continue to support the sovereignty and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We hope they will be consistent and, in line with that thesis, consider themselves, Schmidt, and Murphy responsible.

Director of the United States Agency for International Development Criticizes Dodik
The director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, joined the condemnation of Milorad Dodik’s actions, especially his plans to criminalize defamation in RS and impose an obligation to register “foreign agents” or non-governmental organizations and associations receiving financial support from abroad.

She wrote that Dodik is taking a “dangerous undemocratic path,” planning to take away citizens’ fundamental rights to criticize, thereby allowing unrestrained corruption to flourish.

Now, we see that, when it comes to U.S. NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the right to criticize and freedom of speech is sacred. However, if you say that a bunch of ISIS misfits gathered at the Hague Taliban systematically bypassed all crimes against Croats, and amnestied all Croatian mass murderers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you might get an angry tweet from Samantha Power. These are the double standards of the world’s policeman, who is upset that a man and a people in Bosnia and Herzegovina appeared unafraid of their tyranny and drone-waving.

The draft law criminalizing defamation in RS envisions the introduction of draconian fines exceeding 50,000 euros. Despite protests from the journalistic community, which considers it an attack on press freedom, it is expected to be discussed in the entity parliament next week.

The law on “foreign agents” has not yet been proposed, but Dodik said last week that it will definitely be on the agenda.

Dodik has received support from Russia, whose ambassador, Igor Kalabuhov, said last Friday that the controversial laws are an internal matter of RS. China and Orban also support him.

While Samantha threatens Dodik over this law, Assange languishes in prison, Snowden hides in Russia, and the document published by WikiLeaks, clearly showing that the U.S. ambassador regularly goes to the War Crimes Court to corrupt local prosecutors and protect people like Selma and Cikotić, is the most censored piece of paper in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is this facsimile that no media except ours is allowed to publish:

These are the double standards, Ms. Power. Mighty woman  with a mighty surname.

But despite that, we believe that the title of this article is painfully true.