Published On: Sri, tra 21st, 2021

How the term “autism” entered the public political narrative of primitive BH political and media elites

The use of the term “autistic” as a means of insulting the interlocutor or using the phrase “political autism” as a descriptive means of criticizing the policies of a party or people is considered offensive and indecent in the civilized Western world. But not in this “great sovereign and stable state.”

In BiH, it is perfectly normal to read or hear an analyst or politician with “enviable international certificates of additional education” calling someone’s policy “autistic” and that person “politically autistic”

How do parents of autistic children react to such verbal violence in BiH itself? How do they feel at that moment?

Instead of public officials, journalists, politicians being the ones who will help such parents, especially in the field of removing the stigma from them and their child no !, in BiH “autism” as a means of insult or the phrase “political autism” is developing more and more and expands into public space.

Therefore, we appeal to public officials in BiH, especially journalists, to warn their interlocutor if they use these means as means of humiliation or criticism.

Autism is primarily a disease. Which primarily applies to people who have autism. If you use that word to insult your interlocutor, you indirectly insult families and children who are dealing with the disease.

Using the name of any disease to belittle the interlocutor is primitivism and a sign of ignorance. The same applies to terms such as “schizophrenic attitude, dementia policy, etc.”

Therefore, we ask you because there is nothing else we can do to learn to distinguish the term autarky from autism.

Very often, the critiques of autarkic politics, the autarkic attitude, the attitude of the one who does not hear, and who is self-sufficient, conceited, convinced of his correctness, disinterested in the needs of others, therefore autarkic, are misdirected. Such authorial attitudes are not autistic.

There is no such thing as an autistic politician. There is an autarkic politics and an autarkic politician.

Disrespectful and respected, whoever you are, please, finally, be so polite to autistic people, don’t be autarkic.


1. Self-sufficiency, self-sufficiency, self-satisfaction, external and internal independence. In Stoic philosophy and Epicurus, man’s independence from external circumstances and affects, and this is also the presupposition of eudaimonia. In patristic, i.e. with the church fathers, autarky is also a Christian virtue, or the virtue of moderation, i.e. satisfaction with the little ones.