Published On: Sri, velj 8th, 2023

Chilean group release debut single in Croatian

“Daleko” a group from Chile that was formed only six months ago, has released their own song titled “Dalmacijo”, which is now available on all digital platforms.

The song was premiered at a dinner for the presidents of Chile and Croatia and then recorded in January.

The members of the band are Franco Ferrera Cvitanović, the songwriter, director, voice, and guitarist, Pilo Marinov Martinić, vocalist, Patricio Rodriguez Glasinović, mandolin and voice; and Andro Perić Von Bergen, mandolin and voice.

Chilean group release debut single in Croatian

Daleko with the presidents of Croatia and Chile (Photo: Supplied)

The song “Dalmacijo” talks about the beauty of this Croatian region, with a poetic style and a bit of melancholy.

Here’s a small sample of his lyrics:

“zvona su se, čula u podne
Tiho plove, moje čežnje
danas te se sjećam
danas i svo vrijeme”

The composer, Franco Ferrera Cvitanović, also has two rock albums, his album “Ten pieces for classical guitar,” and two more albums to learn the Croatian language through songs.

He also has composed two singles for the Croatian groups “Laudantes” and “Klapa Neverin”.

Chilean group release debut single in Croatian

Daleko (Photo: Supplied)

The group’s members have held important positions in the Croatian community. Pedro Marinov was the previous Croatian consul in Chile. Patricio Rodriguez was the former president of the Croatian business and professional association in Chile. Franco Ferrera was a former representative of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad and president of the group of artists Hrvartis.

Chilean group release debut single in Croatian

Daleko are currently working on a video for the single, which is set to be ready next month.

You can listen to “Dalmacijo” on Spotify HERE

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