Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016

Bill de Blasio mandates transgender access to NYC bathrooms

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday issued an executive order granting people access to the public facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

“We want people to know they can go about their lives and not be excluded,” Mr. de Blasio said during a press conference at the Chelsea Recreation Center. “That’s why this is so important. This is about affirming the right of someone to follow through on their own identity.”

The law will allow transgender people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

Citing the city’s prominent place in the gay rights movement, Mr. de Blasio said New Yorkers have an “obligation” to lead the nation with regard to transgender equality.

“New York City is the birthplace of the fight for LGBT rights, and we continue to lead in that fight so every New Yorker can live with dignity,” Mr. de Blasio said.

The order requires all city-owned buildings — including schools, city offices and gyms — to allow people to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender with which they identify. Public schools in New York City were already required to allow students to use the facilities on that basis.