A bloody romantic story called “WELCOME REFUGEES”

In Germany, a bloody romantic story called “WELCOME REFUGEES” has begun with a joyful collective dance with migrants, similar to this video from Ban Jelačić Square for Christmas.

Why a bloody romantic story?

Because romance has turned into horror and terror with a result of 2 group rapes or 8 rapes daily.

To illustrate the real threat to women, girls, and boys in Germany, we need to mention that in the Colorful Republic of Absurdistan, which follows a green-socialist agenda, an average of two group rapes or 8 rapes occur daily. These figures come from the Federal Criminal Police statistics. In 2020, there were 704 group rapes, meaning 1.9 cases daily. Data for 2022 is available from May, when 789 group rapes were recorded nationwide, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year, making it around 2.2 rapes every day.

Recently published data for North Rhine-Westphalia in the “Bild” newspaper was shocking: in the wild desert caliphate on the Rhine and Ruhr, 246 group rapes were recorded last year, an increase of 43% compared to the previous year. This means that group rape happens every day and a half – only in North Rhine-Westphalia! And these are just group rapes – “ordinary” rapes add to these numbers! A total of 2,949 rapes were reported in 2022, an increase of 26% compared to the previous year. In North Rhine-Westphalia, an average of eight women is raped every day. This means that every three days, 24 rapes occur, including two group rapes.

All these numbers are just statistics, but has anyone ever thought about the meaning of each individual case? Behind each of these figures is a person, a woman whose life has been brutally destroyed. Many people suffer permanent physical damage because several hours of penetration by several angry migrants. Almost all of them will never have a normal, let alone a fulfilling sexual life for psychological reasons. Their bodies are destroyed, and their souls dead. Each of these women is the daughter of parents whose lives will also be destroyed. It is important to keep in mind: every damn day, an average of 2.2 women are currently experiencing this unimaginable trauma called “group rape” – or as it is called in the culture of the perpetrators’ origin: “Taharrush”!

Robert Špehar | Twitter