Published On: Pon, lip 7th, 2021

We are not Bosniaks. We are Turks. Turkey is our mother. Erdogan is our father…

Turkey is our mother. Erdogan is our father. We are not Bosniaks. We are Turks. Soon our capital will be Ankara, and the Izet-beys will only become governors of the great sultan in the Bosnian sandžak. If you think I’m wrong – google it. Or search on youtube. While they still allow us to use the Internet.

written by: Avdo Avdić l

“Everyone has a father and a mother. Our mother is Turkey “, explained Mustafa efendija Cerić, then still a reis-l-ulema, to the Bosniaks gathered a decade ago.

“Salam alayk, great president,” the president of our country greeted the president of Turkey two years ago.

Bakir Izetbegović was in Visoko, and the great president in Konja. While the Turkish flags were in the air, the president of our state said that “Erdogan carries our flag”. So we are all one.

“A single nation – that means that Turks, Bosniaks, Armenians, 79 million of us, are one nation,” Grand President Erdogan explained on Saturday.

There, that’s us. Turks. Although in this case, for a better and more accurate description, it would be necessary to introduce a new palatalization which would turn T in front of U into K. We cannot be anything else.


  • We choose people who care more about how Erdogan deals with problems than the fact that pensioners have not yet received their June pension.
  • We choose people who do not hate working even on Saturdays to support Erdogan, but they hate to travel to Brussels for this people who pay them during Ramadan.
  • What else are we, when more of us gather at two in the morning near Sebilj in the Bazaar in support of Erdogan, than we gather at the protest of mothers who have not received maternity benefits for months?
  • What kind of people are we when we are divided here into pro-Gulens and pro-Erdoans, and not into the hungry people and the plutocracy?
  • Why is it more important to us what the Turkish people feel than what we feel? Why do we complain to Dodik that he loves Serbia, and at the same time we adore Turkey?
  • We are indignant that Covic’s sagacity is in Zagreb, and we are turning from Sarajevo towards the Bosphorus.
  • Why do we even prove how many Bosniaks there are, if we keep silent about Erdogan’s sentence that we are Turks?
  • Is it even worth fighting for the mother language, a Bosnian language, if our mother is Turkey
  • Why do we learn anything at all about Husein Gradaščević when our heroes are the ones who betrayed him (Rizvanbegović and Čengić)?
  • Why did 100,000 people die for Bosnia and Herzegovina, if this is Turkey?

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