Published On: Pon, velj 1st, 2021

“THE SARAJEVO MINSTRY OF TRUTH” HSPF: Two thirds of the country do not trust the Sarajevo media 

The Croatian Students’ Forum of Political Science (HSPF) commented on the activities of the Sarajevo media, after the most recent example – the appearance of MEP Željana Zovko on N1 TV. The whole press release below:

“The last unfounded chase on the Member of the European Parliament, Željko Žovko, is just another  of many examples of how the Sarajevo media, which for a long time irresistibly resembles the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, treat those whose opinion differs from theirs.

The main sin of the MEP Zovko seems to be that she dared to politely oppose the predetermined “truths” that permeate the malicious and unfounded constructions packaged in the formula of questions, and which almost completely corresponded to Bosniak nationalist myths and spins.

Furthermore, in this way the numerous spins are continuously placed from these media centres, which deviate from basic journalistic principles such as objectivity, neutrality and truthfulness.

For example, when the N1 TV journalist Nikola Vučić indirectly declared the West Herzegovina Canton fascist, none of these biased centres considered it a problem. His scandalous chauvinism was later civilly pointed out to Vučić on Twitter, after which the Sarajevo Ministries of Truth resorted to lies that Vučić was a victim of threats, insults and hate speech. Of course, this has never been supported by any evidence.

As for the BiH Journalists’ Association, which should be a true protector of journalistic rights and freedoms, it is a pity that its activities are extremely selective and that it certainly cannot be considered to be a protector of all journalists in BiH.

This is shown by a recent example of disgusting death threats against journalist Branimir Galić, such as the one that he will be “slaughtered like a fascist pig”. Many institutions and organizations defended journalist Galić, protecting his fundamental freedoms and human dignity, but the BiH Journalists’ Association was not among them. In other words, the BH journalists are busy with determining how and what someone should be saying in certain shows in media, but they remain completely silent on the most brutal death threats to journalists.

The result of these and countless other examples is that at least two-thirds of the country do not trust the vast majority of the media in Sarajevo. The cause of this fact lies primarily in the aggressive, hostile and narrow-minded behaviour towards all those who refuse to speak in the voice of majority nationalism.

Therefore, one type of treatment is reserved for those who are considered to be enemies by the Sarajevo Ministry of Truth, and the other for those welcome guests, who are allowed to say whatever they want, that often being unconstitutional rhetoric accompanied by various types of chauvinism, which is never made an issue of.” – reads the HSPF press release.