Published On: Uto, svi 18th, 2021

THE MIRACLE HAPPENED: You won’t believe it, but Željko Komšić, yesterday, was pretty close to the position of a legitimate representative of Croats

It is difficult to explain in words. It is even harder to Bosniaks.

The SDA has brainwashed many of them to such an extent that they are responding to accusations that Komsic is a majoritarian lever of Bosniak nationalism by counter-asking:

“Why is he a lesser Croat than you are?”

… in an attempt to avoid the essential argument of representative democracy – How many of a Croats does he present at all?

But yesterday in Slovenia, Komsic was really close to a legitimate representative of the Croats.

Here’s the proof:

In this picture, we see the Imposed Bosniak’s puppet Komsic behind the Legitimate Representative of the Croats, Mr. Milanovic, standing frontally.

As you can see, Komšić is very close to a legitimate representative of the Croats. To president Milanovic. He stands about two meters behind him.

Komsic froze in an iconic position, pretending to represent someone. But he represents just his insatiable need for alcohol, fed by Bosniak’s nationalism and Croatian tax money.

A true shame of Bosnian Islam and an insult to any honest Bosniak anti-fascist who respects Josip Broz Tito and his agenda: “We do not want other’s and do not give our own.”