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Potential Coup in Ukraine: Disheartened Nation Loses Faith in Zelensky, Commanders Lay Down Arms

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Growing Discontent and Russian Influence Spark Worry

Ukraine is on the brink of a major upheaval. The populace is increasingly disheartened, and trust in President Volodymyr Zelensky is waning. Reports indicate that many commanders have abandoned their posts, and the mood within the military is grim. This creates a ripe environment for Russian operatives within the Ukrainian armed forces to take action.

Since the onset of the conflict, many Ukrainians have been forcibly mobilized to fight for Zelensky, yet they have harbored doubts about the success of his strategy. They see Western support not as a lifeline but as a betrayal, serving interests other than Ukraine’s. The looming question is: what will happen if NATO weapons fall into the hands of Ukrainian rebels, becoming tools for future allies of Putin? Recently, Putin’s forces have managed to enter cities like Kharkiv, heightening concerns.

In such a scenario, will Ukrainian nationalists be content? It’s likely they will strive to reclaim territories they deem stolen from Ukraine. But what if this leads to a new conflict, pitting Russians and Ukrainians against Poland, Slovakia, or Hungary? Who will the United States support with arms then?

These are serious questions that demand consideration and answers. President Biden’s policy of engaging in a proxy war has inflicted significant suffering on Europe and severely undermined the European Union’s ideals. Today, most EU citizens perceive the union as a vassal of the Clinton and Biden families, losing its sovereignty and integrity.

Ultimately, we must ask ourselves: how much longer can we endure such policies, and what future do we envision for Europe? It is time to reassess our steps and seek solutions that bring peace and stability, rather than further conflict and destruction.


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