Published On: Sat, Nov 29th, 2014

Otac musliman prihvatio svoju gay kćer i zbog toga se odrekao obitelji

Sabrina Jalees and her fatherA Muslim father has supported his gay daughter in a way that she never thought he would, turning his back on his entire family who refuse to accept her.
Sabrina Jalees had been reluctant to come out to her Pakistani dad, Sayed, unsure of how he would react.
But his “amazing” response shocked her, and she now sees him as being a “gay-rights advocate”.

Sayed says his family’s reaction was “pathetic”

Sabrina told Moral Courage TV : “Coming out is like cliff diving.
“He’d already sensed that something was going on and I think at that point he was just like, ‘What is going on? Are you pregnant?’
“I looked at him, and I said ‘I’m attracted to women’.”

Despite his faith and surprise, Sayed was able to accept his daughter’s sexuality in a way that she never imagined.
He said: “It was a sudden shock. But are you going to ignore that fact of life and be tied to your belief and lose a relationship in the process? Or are you going to think beyond?”
However, Sabrina’s aunts, uncles and extended family took the news less well.

CorbisSabrina Jalees at the TeenzFav Awards
Sabrina Jalees at the TeenzFav Awards

Marrying Shauna without telling any of her extended family, Sabrina wrote to them with her good news, but only received heartbreak in response.
The comedian added: “We spent so much time together growing up… and when I came out, they de-friended me on Facebook and they wrote really, really heartbreaking emails.
“Basically, ‘she WAS very funny, and she WAS a big part of our family but we cannot accept her.’
“To me, that’s sad. I have so much love in my life and I can’t share it with these people that I know love me (and I love them).”
Sticking by his daughter, Sayed took the courageous step of telling his family that if they could not accept Sabrina, he wanted nothing more to do with them.
Explaining his reaction, Sabrina said: “My dad is the eldest in the family and he was not going to put up with it.

Courtesy Of Leslie SatterfieldSabrina Jalees and her father
Sabrina kept her marriage to Shauna a secret from her extended family

“He said, ‘If you don’t want a relationship with my daughter, you’re not going to have a relationship with me’.”
Sayed branded their reaction “pathetic”.
Paying tribute to her dad, Sabrina said: “I’ve always known that my dad’s an amazing man. But going through this and witnessing the way he stood by me knowing, too, that it was difficult for him when I first came out…
“But seeing him now, basically in the position of being a gay-rights advocate for this extended Muslim family, it was amazing.”
In the heartwarming video, when Sabrina asks her dad if he would make her straight, if he could, he responds: “No. The way things have progressed, we wouldn’t want to go back.: