Published On: Pon, pro 28th, 2020

Migrants in Bosnia-Herzegovina are undesirable

Since the fire in the Lipa migrant camp near the Bosnian city of Bihać, there have been several refugees and migrants on the streets. But the situation is under control.

Next to the camp there are currently 1,500 migrants who receive food and help from the local Red Cross and some NGOs. The mayor of Bihać Šuhret Fazlić wants to help the people, but also hopes for help from the government: “I don’t know the exact number of migrants near Lipa, but depending on the number of meals distributed there are more than a thousand. They are housed in tents that are not burned out and that are also set up ”. NGOs and the aid organization provide meals.


Fazlić again rejects resettlement to the Bira camp in Bihać “for reasons that are already known”: “There are hundreds of locations in B&H like Bira, and the migrant crisis cannot only be localized in the Bihać area. Bira is out of the question ”. According to Fazlić, they could return to Sarajevo or Serbia.

The secretary of the Red Cross Selma Midžić does not see the situation under control: “We are under pressure every day. It’s cold, it snows and the temperatures affect the mood because they only have one meal a day ”.

The international organizations IOM, UNHCR, DRC, MdM and Save the Children have written a letter to the public. They called on the Bosnian authorities to act quickly to ensure the immediate safety and protection of those at risk.

“The undersigned organizations recognize the sensitivity of the situation the authorities are facing following the closure of the Lipa tent camp in the canton of Una-Sana. They also express their deepest concern about the precarious conditions migrants and refugees are facing locally and call for rapid action to ensure the safety and protection of those at risk immediately ”

The current security situation in Bihać is “under control”. The migrants and refugees are not satisfied with the conditions in the Lipa tent camp. “We have no food, no water. We sit on the floor and only get one meal from the Red Cross. We are in a big problem because of the snow, it is very cold, ”one migrant told the public service BHRT.


On Wednesday there was a fire in the Lipa migrant camp in the north-west of the country. The International Migrants Organization (IOM) planned on that day to withdraw from this location and cease service. It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 refugees and migrants in this region without a roof over their heads.

Today there were protests against the migrant shelter in Blažuj. The citizens do not want refugees and migrants.

Antonio Šećerović

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