KOJIĆ: Arrests Send a Message – Five Serbian Fighters for a German Tourist

EAST SARAJEVO – Today’s arrest of five individuals of Serbian nationality on charges of alleged war crimes from 1995 is a continuation of the war being waged against Serbs, stated Branimir Kojić, President of the Assembly of the Republic Organization of Families of Captured and Fallen Fighters and Missing Civilians.

“As soon as Muslim associations protest against the Court, they react immediately, while killers laugh in our faces, and on the other hand, they refuse to respond to everything we tell them and draw their attention to,” he said. Kojić, commenting on today’s arrest of five former members of the Army of Republika Srpska who were detained at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

Kojić assessed that this does not happen by chance, precisely on the day when Kristijan Schmidt cancels his visit to the Republic of Srpska, and that it is a message – five Serbian fighters for one German tourist.

“We ask the BiH Court if it is possible that they succumbed to the pressures of a man who has no legitimacy? Is it possible that the killers of Serbs from Podrinje have not yet been prosecuted? Are they ashamed that they have sentenced only four individuals to 29 years in prison for all the crimes committed against the weakest Serbs in Podrinje?” Kojić asked.

Kojić points out that 3,267 Serbian lives have been sentenced to a total of 29 years in prison, that no one has been held accountable for the Bratunac villages, that only one person has been sentenced to three years for Srebrenica, while, on the other hand, 45 Serbs have been sentenced to a total of 650 years in prison.

“Where is the justice in this? They want to round up the number of these five arrested to 50 convicted individuals to rewrite history,” Kojić believes.

“All demobilized fighters of the Army of Republika Srpska must be provided with absolute protection because every soldier who contributed to our republic is halfway in prison while this Court operates like this and obeys Western embassies and tourists who want to continue the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Kojić.

Members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) today arrested five individuals in the areas of Bileća, Šekovići, Vlasenica, Zvornik, and Han Pijesak on suspicion of having committed war crimes in the Vlasenica and Šekovići regions during 1995, this police agency announced.