Published On: Pet, kol 23rd, 2019

How Peđa Kojovic and the SDP offended the Croats in BiH and what is the point of action of the croatian opposition parties in BiH?

A few days ago, Our Party’s champion, Peđa Kojović, and another SDP figure who considers himself the leader of Our Party (Naša stranka), stated that Covic’s goal with the Election Law was to ensure himself and the HDZBIH a complete monopoly of croatian vote in BiH.

What did the croatian opposition parties in BiH say to that?

They just don’t do their job. Instead of the HDZBIH, they should have attacked Our Party and the SDP when they said what they said.

Because if there is a condition that enables the HDZBIH to monopolize Croats, it is current condition. The state of unconstitutional election law.
In this state, the HDZBIH can comfortably take 90% of the vote, even from those dissatisfied. Just as the SDA in this condition can count on a minimum of 50% of the vote. With the worst possible issue of their policy.

The aim of Peđa Kojović and the SDP appears to be to keep the SDA monopoly over Bosniaks.

The second goal is to never decrease any bit of votes from the Croats. With the rhetoric of indignation to the Bosniak nationalism their agenda is being unmasked. As pseudo-civic parties that are not interested in Croatian vote. And even if they are interested then those voters are Croats in name only. Those who agree that Alija is the father of the motherland. Those who will go together with Kojovic visit the cemeteries on the anniversary of his death.
Therefore, it is also an interest of the civic parties to pass a law that would allow pluralism in both Croatian and Bosniak voters.

However, since these are not civic parties, there is no such interest. Instead, Peja and SDP BiH, together with HDZBIH, would seek the adoption of the Election Law as a prerequisite for weakening national parties.

In what way did all Bosniak parties raise voters than satanize HDZBIH and Čović as the main enemy of Bosniaks? Misleading your people with making confrotation amog their neighbors.
After all, let them prove that under these conditions the HDZ and SDA do not have a monopoly.

But what about the Croatian opposition parties? This proclamation by SDP and Kojović should have offended them. Because the SDP and Kojović want to say when a Croatian voter is assured that no one will overvote him/her, he would instinctively vote exclusively for the HDZBIH. Which is a lunatic thesis which does not offend HDZBIH but Croats in BiH.

Why didn’t the HSS, HRS and HDZ1990 bang after that announcement. Why they did not send the proclamation: It is this current law, which makes the HDZBIH monopoly unconstitutional, “People are not sheep, so they always vote for the same party.”

Instead, they engage with arguing HDZBiH, even though voters would get attacked by the majorization of political Sarajevo and fight more and more loudly for electoral law than Čović himself.

Crazy or not, Čović imposes as a Democrat leader while the DF, SDP and Our Party are lowering the fight against the segregation and monopoly of the HDZBIH while essentially working to keep the SDA strong.

In doing so, Our Party and the SDP attack Draga Covic while the Croatian opposition remains silent.

An election law that will prevent further ,,halalization” of Croats in BiH is the path to pluralism and democratization of not only Croats in BiH but also Bosniaks in BiH.

A Bosniak who is persuaded that the Bosniak interest is overvoating croatian voters is in some way a victim of existing law. He does not vote for his own good and happiness, but for someone else’s humiliation and unhappiness. There’s no luck.

Croatian “opposition” parties are reluctant to discredit themselves with their letargy. They must take the helm of the struggle for the right of a constitutional Election Law. Because these parties are the biggest victims of the unconstitutional Election Law. And the HDZBIH is the biggest winner of this election law.

The HDZ is indeed fighting for European values ​​through this move. For the right of HSS, HDZ1990 and HRS to have better elections tomorrow. And even for the right of the SDP and Our Party to take some Croatian votes as well as Bosniak ones.

Therefore, by unconstitutional election law, Croats and Croatian opposition parties are losing. Bosniaks and Bosniak parties gathered around the SDA are losing.

All Bosniak parties would grow and the SDA would fall drasticly if the bill came into line with the Constitution.

All Croatian parties would grow and the HDZBIH would fall if the law came into line with the Constitution.

How absurd the matter is, Čović and the HDZBIH are fighting for the rights of the HRS, HDZ1990, HSS, Our Party, SDP, SBB, and during this time, everyone is guilty.

Strange country with stranger political futurists.

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