Published On: Čet, velj 14th, 2019

Gačič’s bloodthirst and ‘’professionalism’’ not accidental, but taught in terrorist camps

Diary records of a prominent leader of the El Mujahedin Order, Sheik Anwar Shaban of Egypt (eliminated by the Croatian Defence Council in Žepče), have found that the orchestrated efforts of the highest Bosniak political elite to retain ‘’jihad warriors’’ are equivalent to the efforts for a peaceful refugee return. All ranks of the Bosniak political body, including Alija Izetbegović, cooperated in the aforementioned aim. Under such authority, recognizing the Dayton Agreement equaled to a betrayal of Islam.

‘’Diligently we seek martyrdom in this country. Allow us to oppose infidels and God will be grateful’’, spoke Sheik Shaban while addressing his Bosniak hosts and allies. During the post-war aftermath in the Federation, police issued over 750 passports to individuals of African-Asian descent. Their successors presumably continue to confront infidels by murdering federal police officers and state soldiers.

______written by: Senad Avdić l Slobodna Bosna

Beginning of last week, following a brutal murder of Saud Sultanić by the 44-year-old Edin Gačić in Podorašac (near Konjic, BiH), the TV network ‘’Al Jazeera Balkans’’ broadcasted a long-awaited documentary called ‘’About fathers and sons’’, by author Talal Derki.

An Oscar-nominated movie in the category of the best documentary film falls under the work of a Syrian who fled conflict by settling in Germany. His previous work ‘’Return to Holmes’’ which also explores tragic events in his homeland was rewarded at several film festivals around the world. This new documentary comes after two years of work, during which Derki resided with members of the radical Islamic movement ‘’Al Nusra’’ on the territory of the malignant ISIS caliphate (Syria), risking his life while hiding his intents and motives.

Using a hidden camera-phone, he secretly filmed the upbringing of several children in a family of a local member of ‘’Al Nusra’’. Osama, leading role, is a ten-year-old boy, named as an homage to a murdered leader of Al Qaeda,  with Al Nusra following in their footsteps. Ayman, his younger brother, was named to honor Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s right hand. Both boys are school dropouts, following the oversight of the importance of skills and knowledge possibly obtained during lectures.

At one point, the documentary shows children stoning a bus transporting their (former) teachers. The boy Osama explains the barbarous faith of their pet bird to his father and brothers: ‘’I decapitated it, father, like you decapitated that man’’. Their whole childhood, as well as the documented two-year span, is painted in radical religious upbringing, ideological indoctrination of the highest savagery and permanent pre-military training. A dual education that is, as their historical nemeses from the West would say.

Osama and his brothers are evidently acclimated to scenes of war and violence, as well as the sounds of rifle bullets shot by Al Nusra warriors laying in a military polygon in Syrian sand, exchanging takbir and ‘’Allah Uekber’’. The boys are taught to set up and disassemble landmines, a skill taught from generation to generation, by their father who is bound to lose limbs deep in the minefield he attempted to neutralize. Their favorite toys are, and it should come as no surprise, landmines. The movie does not include any female characters.

The final scene shows Osama boarding a military bus, presumably leading him to jihad frontlines next to many mercenaries of ‘’Al Nusra’’, as his father is saying a proud goodbye.

A lone wolf’s house

Edin Gačić, former El Mujahedin mercenary, modern-day serial killer. The cold-blooded murder of the police officer Mahir Begić (Suhodol, BiH), his second victim in a five-day span, was the tipping point for organizing an appropriate pursuit. At the age of 16, Gačić was exiled from hometown Banja Luka with his mother. It remains unknown when Gačić joined the El Mujahedin Order, but nonetheless clear that he was obliged to complete camp training.

It is certain that the school curriculum by which the initiates, who were young Bosniak boys, were taught was very similar to that of camps “Al Nusra”, or the more infamous “Al Qaeda’’. The various teachers in “El Mujahedin” camps in central Bosnia are international Islamic warriors. They are trained veterans of the Afghan war. The new generation of these radical teachers and instructors, however, have arrived from all parts of the world, international Islamic warriors – professors, religious teachers, at the same time a new generation of radical preachers.

The year 2002, Bosnia and Herzegovina, arrest, and extradition of the so-called ‘’Algerian group’’, former citizens were classified as ‘’national security threats’’ by the US following 9/11. Head of one of the BH safety agencies traveled to Algeria to befriend authorities to take in six of their citizens which were under imminent threat of persecution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He later stated that he had met the Algerian Chief of Military and Civil safety, the single most powerful person in the country, who immediately declined the proposal’ of taking in the group, known there as the ‘’Algerian six’’. The ‘’Algerian six’’ was a colloquial name for former members and logicians of the ‘’El Mujahedin’’ born in Algeria. Previously, the country faced a bloody civil war period which was fought between authorities and Islamic radicals. Thousands died. ‘’We have some 20.000 of our own militants in our prisons, we don’t need yours’’, said the host.

He added: ‘’There is a vast difference between Islamic radicals which fought against our authorities and killed our people in villages – and yours. Ours are raw, old-fashioned, cold-blooded killers, veterans of Afghanistan. Those sent in Bosnia are new generation terrorists, refined, educated missionaries, spreading their own criminal ideology, its death culture and its killing. They bring up young followers long term. That is a more complex duel and the severe consequences of their presence will be felt for years and decades.’’

Šefik Hafizović, academic, and professor at the Islamic faculty, crudely and visionary characterized activities of Islamic-Wahhabi structures in BH society 15 years ago. ‘’They have come for our children. They have come to take dues, take our heart and soul as a price for the crumbs we were given by questionable humanitarians with their final, dishonorable intentions’’, he wrote.

The 16-year-old Edin Gačić was an exemplary sample of a Bosniak weakling, recruited and radicalized by ‘’false humanitarians’’ during and post-war, seeking refuge in Zenica after fleeing hometown Banja Luka with his mother. The recruitment was neither impeded nor controlled in its dubious and detrimental activity. Moreover, Bosniak authorities not only tolerated but stimulated their long term and well planned ‘’Bosniak Islamization’’ process.

Let us remain here

In the post-war period of Bosnia and Herzegovina, numerous procedural and bureaucratic issues were created in an effort to counteract the requirements of the Dayton Agreement, which indicated they must leave the state.

Diary records of a prominent leader of the El Mujahedin Order, Sheik Anwar Shaban of Egypt (eliminated by the Croatian Defence Council in Žepče), have found that the orchestrated efforts of the highest Bosniak political elite to retain ‘’jihad warriors’’ are equivalent to the efforts for a peaceful refugee return. All ranks of the Bosniak political body, including Alija Izetbegović, cooperated in the aforementioned aim. Under such authority, recognizing the Dayton Agreement equaled to a betrayal of Islam.

The case of a serial killer by the name of Edin Gačić, who spent half of his life behind prison bars, and who became the cause of anxiety of thousands of BH citizens, reminds of a barbaric crime of another Islamic radical. Part of the same value, identity and psychological circle, the latter committed a crime only ten kilometers away from the village Gačić inhabited one year ago.

Muamer Topalović, local Wahabi, committed a quadruple murder of one of the last remaining Croatian families in this part of BiH on the Christmas of 2002. Prior to the murder, he was arrested in Serbia, where he went to assassinate Slobodan Milošević and served a sentence.

Following a year in custody, he was released (mostly due to the engagement of Željko Komšić, then an Ambassador of BiH to Serbia) and returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the Salafi brotherhood near Konjic.

He was never placed under police surveillance, much like Gačić. Neither was the Wahhabi ‘’religious-educational’’ camp on the coast of the Jablanica lake, teaching combatting techniques and other Wahabi counter-cultures. Bosniak authorities observed benevolently, with understanding. In the movie ‘’On the road’’, producer Jasmila Žbanić portrayed the Islamic camp as a tamed oasis of religious and cultural freedom, comparing its initiates with characters of a Stevan Bujalić novel.

Unlike the fugitive Gačić, Topalović was quickly located and put in custody. Topalović was a self-taught warrior of Islam, whereas Gačić was a seasoned member of the El Mujahedin camps. From there, he committed a quadruple homicide no one can comprehend.

From Topalović to Gačić

Edin Gačić, Muamer Topalović, Mevlid Jašarević (attacked the US Embassy in Sarajevo), Haris Čaušević (attacked a police station in Bugojno, killing one police officer), Haris Omerović (killer of two BiH Armed forces members in Rajlovac) and hundreds of their “brothers” who killed and were killed all across the warzones of the Middle East. It is the same fleurs de mal whose poisonous seed backed by Bosniak elites have become ‘’the fishermen of human souls’’ and those hunting our children.

Edin Gačić walks free, therefore retaining the possibility of committing substantial evil. If the matter was not serious, deadly serious that is, we would be laughing at the authorities reactions. Nedžad Korajlić, Dean of the Criminalistic faculty, asked how it is possible that a criminal such as him can move so freely.

‘’His operative coverage was indispensable for a timely reaction’’, said a police officer from Tešanj, where mujahedeen, combatant instructors and spiritual leaders which molded Gučić,  shaved decapitated heads of their enemies, resembling Osama and his bird in the caliphate.

Were Islamic killers (‘’uncovered’’ following the Zenica crime in an official police apartment at a time when Korajlić was Head of police in the ZD county with his most loyal MP Šemsudin Mehmedović ) under ‘’operative’’ surveillance?

Was Lionel Dumont on the list either? After all, he was an Islamic terrorist, who escaped the Central prison prior to his extradition to the French authorities, 20 years after committing homicide.

How to react to the cynicism (of power) spread by Edham Veladžić, the Director of the prison (KPZ Bihać), who claims he had never encountered a more threatening killer than Gačić’s ex-protege?

This leads us to believe that Gačić was a more serious and skilled killer than the three mercenaries who were sent to Croatia to commit state terrorism by killing Fikret Abdić in Rijeka. The mercenaries were sent, important to note, by the central Bosniak secret police – AID.

Gačić served time for (individual) crimes in Veladžić while his associates (Bakir Alispahić, Ejub Ikić) were not charged in Sarajevo. During custody, they were often visited by the crème de la crème of the Bosniak political elite, and religious leader Mustafa ef. Cerić.

Edham Velagić, both a former police chief from Bihać and an organizer of the reception of a Mujahedin convoy (Afghanistan and Middle-Bosnia veterans), who fictively left BH territory in Doljani, and entered in Izačić (1996).

The Sarajevo Bosniak elite felt that Bosniaks from Krajina are insufficiently radicalized. One of their key actors was Hasan Čengić. a family friend and Maecenas of the then-dominant Veladžić family?

The years and decades that followed offered no concise solution to the success Bilal Bosnić attained in recruiting young initiates to fight the holy war in Syria and Iraq. The place where they fight and die together, with a prayer on their lips, next to Osama.