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Fotografkinja snima ljude specifične ljepote, a svaka fotka oduzima dah

FOTOGRAFKINJA iz Nigerije Mofe Bamuуiwa fotografira ljude diljem Afrike kako bi prikazala njihovu različitost i specifičnu ljepotu, piše Bright Side.

Njeni modeli ne zadovoljavaju uvijek klasične standarde ljepote, no njihova pojava svojom posebnošću oduzima dah.

Mofe je privukla pozornost svjetske javnosti nakon što je objavila fotografiju “najljepše djevojčice na svijetu”, kako je mnogi već prozivaju, petogodišnje Jare iz Nigerije. “Da, ona je ljudsko biće, ali ona je i anđeo”, apisala je Mofe ispod njene fotografije, prenosi

Oh yes she’s human ! She’s also an angel ! “J A R E “ I want to portray the interception between her childhood and adulthood so both stay timeless ! I could have made her smile and make her laugh out loud but I put her in their natural moments for us to see through their eyes ! Posing them as adults ! Was my trick to create it a timeless portrait ! J A R E , when you clock 21 remember to do same pose and style TEAM Muse : @the_j3_sisters Make up by Dammy of @iposhlooks Creative style direction @mofebamuyiwa Hair by @totalshopwigs Hair styled by @hairkarved Styled by @styledbyseun Assisted by @adebimpe_aj @ernest_chuxx @official_bigjosh #bmbstudio #bmbphotography #mofebamuyiwa #kids #kidsphotography #artsy #love #light #childphotographer #familyphotography

Objavu dijeli BMBSTUDIO (@mofebamuyiwa)


BEAUTIFUL ART WORK OF J O M I of the @the_j3_sisters The elder sister of J A R E When I was a child I always wanted to wear my Mum’s shoes , cloths and do all she did as a woman . I wasn’t afraid of being that woman , though I wasn’t aware , nothing scared me of the cost it would take to be a woman . “I WAS FEARLESS AS A CHILD “ I’m sure every girl has gone through this stage and can totally relate . Meeting Jomi of the @the_j3_sisters Was more inspiring . Asides that she is bright and beautiful , she is very coordinated and every pose directed , she did better than I told her to do . She definitely has buttressed and given me more proof that every little girl dreams of being a woman . I guess was looking for a platform to showcase her inner woman !!! Photography is my little way of expressing my thoughts than in words and so I am not the best curator of my work . Be inspired #bmbstudio #artsy #artwork #photography #kidsphotography #childphotographer #love #girl #mofebamuyiwa

Objavu dijeli BMBSTUDIO (@mofebamuyiwa)

Kad vidite ove prekrasne fotografije koje Mofe objavljuje na Instagramu, shvatit ćete da ljepota zaista dolazi u svim oblicima…



A D I R È African fashion is a unique mosaic of colours , patterns , history of different traditions , intertwined in fabrics It was creatively created by the Women of Egba land , Abeokuta . The motifs of Adire were taught by mothers in Nigeria spread down from daughters to this very generation. It was a woman’s occupation in those times and was also a way to bring women together in a community . A D I R E was created and discovered in Abeokuta Nigeria . The inspiration of the A D I R E were drawn from our myths , folklores , deep observation . TO BE CONTINUED Make up and styling by @mofebamuyiwa Muse @olubusola_bembzi Light assistant @ernest_chuxx @official_bigjosh #bmbstudio #art #artportrait #artportraiture #mofebamuyiwa #africa #adire #beads #strength

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@titikuti came in for a portrait session and he wanted just simple Polaroid head shots . We delivered what he WANTED . But I NEEDED something else more . I couldn’t help but see he looked like a “god” I told him I love the freckles on his face and Hair . And I told him he could act a role as Jesus and that’s what I really saw in him So I picked up my crucifix inspired Art Craft that had been in my store room for the past few years and Now was the best time for the crown to be worn . IM NOT THE BEST CURATOR OF MY WORK . But I believe in what I see as beautiful . Make up and styling by @mofebamuyiwa Hand made crown by @moonvisuals #portraitphotography #portraitphotographer #art #artsy #crucifix #artcraft #artportrait #artphotography #mofebamuyiwa #onelight #godox

Objavu dijeli BMBSTUDIO (@mofebamuyiwa)




They were so gorgeous in full details . The ONIJE SISTERS came from different states and country to have this photo session. You can see so much plan and effort put together to make this a perfect photograph. To add that they all fashionable and attentive to detail made it easy for me and they were patient with me while I posed them . Who else love the ONIJE SISTERS GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND KEEP THIS BOND STRONGER 📸 creative direction by @mofebamuyiwa Makeup by @sooo_pro Dresses @elizabeth__fredrick Fabrics @tiwabola Beads @tavinbeads Gele @oni_gele Asooke @ykarisfashion Sisters @vivian.fredrick @chika_onije @lizzy.fredrick @faustinaonije @theodorechukwudi #sisters #portrait #love #family #asooke #traditionaloutfit #sistersister #familyportrait #bmbstudio #bmbphotography #bmbportraits

Objavu dijeli BMBSTUDIO (@mofebamuyiwa)



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